Re-animated Kukri

A Skin Mod for Team Fortress 2

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New animations for kukri.

None of my animations work due to how models are loaded in TF2, at least as far as I know. I dun' fuckin' know. I don't play TF2 anymore! Other than that, the videos are the only things that exist nowadays that can show off the work I put in to these all those years ago. Wham Bam, Turkey and Ham.



  • 4y
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    > **Posted by J.A.R.V.I.S.**

    > Guess what... it doesn't work. Please try to show us how to install properly or fix it.

    Read what he wrote man
  • 4y
    Guess what... it doesn't work. Please try to show us how to install properly or fix it.
  • 4y
    JefftheKillerFan5 avatar
    Member Joined 4y
    346 points Ranked 11758th

    - Looks cool
    - Nice stab animation


    - Animations don't work for me


    - Fix so the animations work


    - Although I doesn't work for me, nice mod.
    Jeff the Killer fan
  • 5y
    Amazon211 avatar
    Amazon211 Offline
    Member Joined 5y

    - Looks very slick. The original animations for the Kukri were too casual, unfitting of how the Sniper fought. I like the critical hit animation.


    - The animations are not working for me. Are the files supposed to go into the Models' folder, or in the Models' folder in the materials' section of tf? Please answer asap.
  • 5y
    XSPyroXS avatar
    XSPyroXS Offline
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    > **Posted by hurrdurrderp**

    > Needs to be a c model...

  • 5y
    hurrdurrderp avatar
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    Needs to be a c model...
    • Dumb x 1
  • 5y
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    Announcer: Terrorist win.
    Sniper: Piss! *takes out machette*
    idk what to put here whatever avatar
    idk what to put here whatever
  • 7y
    StormriderShift avatar
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    Sorry to get off topic, but what's that machete skin you're using in the video? it's so shiny =D
  • 7y
    lizardizzle avatar
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    hope you see this hitman, but for some reason I can't quote comments.

    I already sent richthofen a pm explaining the whole thing that said this

    "unfortunatly no. Only skins can work with my animations. If I wanted to use that model with my animations, I'd have to download it, decompile it, edit my QC file so it would use that model and not mine, and move the right files over from his model to mine.

    Basically, VALVe has two separate parts for their weapons, the texture (which is what you get when you download a skin) and the model, which is combined with the animations in the same files. If you change the animations to a weapon, you are changing the model - kinda - because they're in the same place.

    Hope that helped. :3

    P.S. if you want a skin for my animations, I'd recommend Mistermagic15's skin for the kukri with the meet the medic style blood on the tip:"

  • 7y
    Hitman_Spike avatar
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    The reason the Prophet's Faithful does not work is because both of them inevitably change the same thing; v_machete_sniper.mdl and all related. Unfortunately in this case, it is impossible to have both these animations and that custom model installed at the same time. These animations will only work with skins, not new models.
    Gentlemen... and ladies.


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