Colourlessly Grey Gloves

A Skin Mod for Team Fortress 2

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Unique, original, yet humble. this is but one way you can describe gloves which have such a thought-provoking shade of grey.

We all know what it LOOKS like to wear grey; a simple, yet thought-provoking shade that hides behind its humble demeanor. Though do we know what it MEANS to wear grey? To wear grey means that one is a simple, yet unique individual; one that understands the dull yet beautiful nature of the neutral range. It means that one is not scared to ponder life's great questions, but does not overlook the simpler things in life. To wear grey, is to be grey; and with this skin I invite you to discover grey, and yourself.



  • 7y
    Detail: Adding millions of little details is the very thing that grey strives to discourage. Grey does its job.
    Functionality: Grey's functionality hardly needs to be questioned. If you must ask the function of grey, you are not yet ready to know.
    Greyness: Grey is grey is grey.
    Originality: Original in its beautiful simplicity.
    Thought-Provokation: Grey has opened my mind to an entire world of musings on the power and greatness of all that is simple and neutral; all that is grey.


  • 8y
    MistahFixIt avatar
    Member Joined 9y
    371 points Ranked 11330th

    Those look a lot like the gloves from my pyro skin-set. I'm not accusing you of anything, I'm just curious that they happen to look so much alike.

    Great Minds and Thinking Alike, all that jazz..
    Go-To Guy for Engineering
  • 8y
    gonadsonfire avatar
    Member Joined 9y
    114 points Ranked 26212th
    Posted by Eisiger


    Holy shit, really? When has a skin provoked a deep thought? "This jarate jar has changed the way I think about life!"

    I'm sorry that you are incapable of understanding the deep philosophical questions that grey radiates gratuitously; Maybe if you read some poetry this would help soften your mind to the concepts?

    I recommend Reading Some of Philip Larkin's and Siegfried Sassoon's works; then exploring from there ;-)
  • 8y
    Eisiger avatar
    Eisiger Offline
    Member Joined 10y


    Holy shit, really? When has a skin provoked a deep thought? "This jarate jar has changed the way I think about life!"
  • 8y
    Detail: There was no real detail it seems put into it. It just looks like you desaturated the gloves.
    Functionality: Doesn't add or subtract from function.
    Greyness: The yellow is now grey.
    Originality: I haven't really seen many desaturated pyro gloves, but its nothing original or groundbreaking.
    Thought-Provokation: No thoughts provoked.

    The description was more interesting than the actual skin.

    FYI caution yellow still looks better with all the yellow on the character. The odd desaturation just looks out of place.


    Supreme Overlord avatar
    Supreme Overlord
  • 8y
    Vyktar2k1o avatar
    Vyktar2k1o Offline
    Member Joined 8y
    Pros: Grey... i feel flaccid.
    Cons: its grey
    Improvements: more grey?
    Notes: grey makes me bored


    Scary Virgin Loser
  • 8y
    XyzKiller avatar
    XyzKiller Offline
    Member Joined 8y
    292 points Ranked 13679th
    Pros: The color we never knew we knew about till today.
    Cons: Not gray enough.
    Improvements: Add more Gray.
    Notes: Looks like it could use a little more gray, but overall, looks very nauseating!


    He is Back


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gonadsonfire avatar
Member Joined 9y
114 points Ranked 26212th

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Development Info

I spent about an hour on this, used to make it and of course VTFEdit to make them the files into vtf's. I hope you enjoy the wonderful world of grey as much as I do.


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