Plasma Dispersion Unit

A Skin Mod for SMOD

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It's been 16 years, but it still works.

And here's another blast from the past: The Blake Stone PDU. This gun takes a single AR2 round and turns it into a big ball of dangerous explosive plasma stuff. Alter damage and such as you will, but as is I'd say it's fair. It can't really 1HK anything unless you get a direct hit and you need to have some good aim or big balls for that, because the this gun can get you injured also. Initial blast radius and damage aren't astounding, but the plasma ball then releases some more damage in the form of random energy blasts which go out much farther. (Sparks = Hit something organic) Might be a good crowd cleaner or corner shot weapon, but not a good CQB weapon. Model is clearly inspired by the Blake Stone gun, but since what little references there are didn't make a whole lot of sense, I had to make up most of it. HOW TO INSTALL: 1) Install the directories like usual. 2) Rename weapon_custom99.txt to weapon_custom(1-30).txt. [Example: weapon_custom4.txt] 3) Edit bucket and bucket position if you want. 4) Install custom explosive type in scripts/smod_custom_explosive.txt (See included custom explosive script for example). "pduball" { // Explosion spec "Damage" "40" "DamageType" "DMG_SHOCK" "Radius" "150" // Entity behavior "Model" "models/weapons/pduball.mdl" "Bounce" "0" // -1:never detonate "GLFuse" "0" "BoundingSound" "" "Timer" "3" "ExplosionType" "1" // 0:none 1:fireball 2:pulse "TrailType" "3" // 0:none 1:smoke 2:fire 3:beam "Bullet" { "AmmoType" "GaussEnergy" "Damage" "10" "ShotCount" "100" "Tracer" "0" "Force" "0.5" "Penetrate" "10" "TraceLength" "500" } } 5) Give weapon_custom(xx) in game and blow yourself up.



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    Posted by Nosehair26

    Brings back memories from Blake Stone :D

    Does anyone else even remember that game other than us?

    oh hells ya, used ot play it on my 95' when i was like 5
    Time to Kick A$$ And Chew Bubb
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    Brings back memories from Blake Stone :D

    Does anyone else even remember that game other than us?
    Newbie sound maker
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    Pros: Another custom weapon for SMOD, which is a plus now-a-days, It's a blast to use and is ammo conseritive seeing as we have the combine baking ar2s out of their arse.
    Cons: The model and texture arnt really up-to-date, but then again it doesnt have to be consider its from Blake Stone.
    Improvements: Just spiffy up the model and texture a bit.



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