Mac-10 Improved Skin

A Skin Mod for Zombie Master

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Improvement of the default mac-10 skin

First skin I made around a year and a half ago. This contains a re-skin of the original default Mac-10 texture with phong and normalmaps instead of a reflective map. The normalmaps aren't very good, but I don't play ZM anymore so I'm not going to bother fixing them. This also comes with the shoot sounds fixed for the gun so it uses the proper firing sound (before it used the distance sound as the main one.) Also the most I did on the actual skin was run a filter on it. This really just focuses on the bumpmap and the phong, so if you're looking for a new special skin, then this isn't for you, but if you're looking for the regular skin without the terrible brushed metal reflectivemap and a gun that doesn't look completely like it was made with resin then this is a great choice. Skin comes with both a clean version and a version with the awesomeface on it like the normal skin (for those who still think it's 2007) Bugs: Skin looks like trash in some non-HDR maps where lighting is dull. I didn't fix the alpha channel of the normalmap, so in some maps (namely zm_hugecliff or whatever the hell it is) some angles make the side appear flat and glowing instead of shiny. I'll probably fix this today or tomorrow.



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    I like it.. It's not plain -- unlike the original one. And don't pay attention on these flamers, they just want to bring down your morale because they have self esteem issues.

    Although it could have more detail to it, but then strikes the question: what? Usually scratches or similar will do. But great work. :)
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    Yes no.
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    Someone's mad and blind but okay,

    it wasn't supposed to be a big edit, kid

    also Max, the skin itself is the original with a filter run on it and with bumpmap/phong (and sans the awesome face, unless you use the second pack in the ZIP file)
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    Hmm... It is very similar to the default
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    best wishes


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