Femme Pyro

A Skin Mod for Team Fortress 2

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Female Pyro Model

La Femme Pyro Model, textures, sound tweak and compile by The Fanciest of Pants. So here's my Female pyro. I've tried my best to maintain the overall silhouette of the original pyro, as well as the pallete, so recognizing pyros shouldn't be an issue. The voice files(included) are pitch shifted a little bit, which I think works pretty well. If anyone wishes to make new skins for her, feel free as long as you credit me, although I would love a PM linking me to what you've done, out of interest. Special thanks to superaldo, for giving me a spark of inspiration, and the FPSB boards in general, which once again allowed me to finish a project without having to ask a single question(use that search function kids!). PS. There is a slight bug currently with the ubercharge skin; it only affects the main portion of the body(it excludes the head, hands, backpack, belt pouch and cannisters). It's still VERY obvious when a pyro is ubercharged, but it does look wierd. Will update with a fix soon. Edit: missed some taunt sounds, they are updated now. UPDATE: Included Pr00f's yellow-skin bug fix in the archive. Thanks Pr00f!



  • 1y
    Has some clipping problems with certain cosmetics or just fucking go into the floor, as well as the fact that the zooming broom has no animations with this mod, she literally just walks like she is on a skating rink with a broom going through her ass. Idk if there are other taunts with problems like this also but it would be alot better if u fixed problems like this. I still like it despite all these very annoying problems though

  • 1y

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  • 4y
    Haven't noticed if this has been resolved from the other comments but, there is a problem with the skin when I try to extract the 3 folders into tf. It says there is an error when starting TF2. HELP ME PLEASE!!!
  • 5y

    - On DX8 The model seems untextured when viewing the loadout


    - If you could make it so that the DX8 textures work that would be perfect
  • 5y

    - I really want to download this but I dont know how plz can someone tell me BTW love the model the boobs are gloriouse
  • 5y
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    > **Posted by GreenJello12**

    > There is bad clipping with the winter wonderland wraps.

    When this was made, those didn't even exist XD
    I don't want Fop God-Dammit!
  • 5y
    Haych avatar
    Haych Offline
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    There is bad clipping with the winter wonderland wraps.
  • 5y
    I ez need maskless version
  • 5y
    The Jigglebones doesn't work for me
  • 6y
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    Please make this for Team Fortress Classic! :D
    Btw: 10/10


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