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Enhanced Mercenary

A Skin Mod for S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl

This skin is meant to enhance the vanilla Mercenary skin.

-=Grunt=-'s Enhanced Mercenary skin This skin is meant to enhance the Mercenary suit skin, not completely change it. Changes - Darkened the blue suit a little bit to make them fit more in an urban environment. (Wild Territory) - Darkened the balaclava. - Took the vest and pistol holster skin from in the database. (Which looks darker, more cloth like, a bit shinier) - Changed pistol texture (In the holster) with the vanilla USP Compact texture. - Made the skin a little bit sharper. - Added full fingered leather gloves. (From Google image search, edited to fit the skin's UV maps) - Black colored gas mask. ___________________________________________________________ Credits GSC Game World -=Grunt=- ___________________________________________________________ NOTE: Screen-shots were taken using the "Photorealistic Zone: Creatures" bump maps. NOTE: The lenses aren't colored white in the gas mask screen-shot, it's just the reflection. ___________________________________________________________ [b]To use in Clear Sky[/b] Rename the skin to; And put it in gamedata/textures/act folder. Both Clear Sky and Shadow of Chernobyl databases have the skins I've used. ____________________________________________________________ Extra download links in this link: ____________________________________________________________ Anyone can use this skin in any of his/her mods or edit it as long as you give credits to me and of course GSC Game World.



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    It's surprising how simple, little changes can make a skin look better. Even though this is a simple recolour, it's done very well. The mercs actually look like real mercs now, professionals. They don't stand out as much and the colouring of the vest is especially nice, fits in with the rest of the suit. The gloves are damn sexy and look detailed. Gas-mask is a very nice touch, too. Default was too green. Pistol holster is also great, the default was too blurry and undetailed. I like your attention to detail. I'm surprised, I have no commentary to add. Very nice skin, I like it. You sir, show promise. Keep making more. :)


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    Looks much better than the default one but i liked the old gloves more than this full fingered gloves anyway good job


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    I am from Austria


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GSC Game World
Original Skin


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