Blue Striped Machete

A Skin Mod for Team Fortress 2

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Blue Striped Kukri (Machete) For Sniper Class

Hai, nice to see you here. Welcome to see my first ever made skin! I choosed the machete as my first skin, cause it seems to be easiest to edit. Well maybe there is something easier but whatever :]. I've used the default machete (kukri) skin from Team Fortress 2. Then, I have putted those blue colored stripes with shadow, and then wood to black. Well I personally like this skin, and now I want to see does the peoples of FPSB like it.By the way, one reason for default resolution is my computer.. It can't handle the higher resolution pictures, or it will crash! I need to get new computer.. Hope you enjoy the style of the skin :3. Read the "Read Me =)" In the .zip file to install, and maybe for some more information which i forgot from this. And notice that, the zip file is named as "Blue Striped Kukri".



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    Pros: Well, it's your fist skin so i won't be very bad :) .You tried to make the illusion of depth with the shadow on the blue stripe. This effect was really useful in older engines, but now that Source supports bump maps, you should use them at your advantage. Also, if you use this on dark areas, the light looks like fake; to avoid this, you can use as well a .vmt command called $selfillum 1, which combined with a proper alpha channel will make some parts of the skin always bright (used in, for example, the ubersaw). You can find some refecences here: Bump maps and $Selfillum 1

    Cons: Never put animation and model in the criteria if you didn't changed them, as they're the default ones they may confuse you a little. Also...why do you put "Beginner" in the criteria? Is much better to ask people not to be bad in the notes.

    Improvements: Try improving bump maps and using $selfillum 1. Also, for your next skin, take care of the cons
    Notes: The idea is very original, so you can try making a V2 with bump maps and other improvements. Don't give up, skinning is greatly satisfying when done correctly


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    Cl_drawhud 0, for your screenshots.
    It's not so bad for a first skin ; it's simple, but at least, you didn't put red all over the blade with Paint, to have a "bloodstained machete lol".


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Key Authors
Original machete skin
The name of the skin and testing
added stripes and the wood color


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Kukri Machete
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Maybe someday new version.. Maybe.. Maybe.. tracking pixel