Star wars clones

A Skin Mod for Natural Selection

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Found this old compile with a few missing textures... decided to finish up and release.



  • 8y
    Pros: Good model, nice textures, no visible rigging errors.
    Cons: Textures are a bit bland, small texture misalignment on the first clones visor. It doesn't really fit NS style but w/e.
    Improvements: Maybe the textures could have used a bit more detail.


    My name doesn't apear QSDFQSD
  • 8y
    UnRated + avatar
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    Amazing work :)

    i dunno why people are complaining about the textures. They look pretty sweet and are matte because they are supposed to be. Clone troopers didn't really have that shiny armour


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  • 9y
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    Good good very good, good good excellent.


    Time to move on and be heroes. avatar
    Time to move on and be heroes.
  • 9y
    Jamin, I love you.

    Great work as always man, this really fits into NS! See ya later on Able :P
  • 9y
    LordTrilobite avatar
    Member Joined 10y
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    Pros: - Star Wars is awesome.
    - Good representation of the clones
    - High on detail
    - Meshes look nicely put together

    Cons: - The texture lacks something, it looks too clean and doesn't really look like the right material.
    - The details are pretty accurate, but the proprtions of teh armour is a bit off here and there, the Jet Trooper is just a wee bit fat and mouth to thin, the Clone Comando has a way too small chin and mouth compared to teh rets of his helmet.

    Improvements: - the armour needs to shine to make it look more real

    Notes: - Overal very nice models


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    It's a conspiracy.
  • 9y
    TaKTiKal avatar
    TaKTiKal Offline
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    Like the others said, this is totally fucking rad.

    I had been using Brigadierwolf's space marines, but was initially disheartened when I discovered that there was no change in the model when a marine was equipped with a jetpack.

    But THIS release includes a commander clone for a jetpack-equipped marine. That is completey awesome.

    Downloading now.
    Courage. Country. Guns. Oorah.
  • 9y
    Kechas avatar
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    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMG!!!The clone commander skin to this game need to GET IT NOW NAD FAST!!!! XDDD
  • 9y
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    I think this pretty much redefines "fuck yes"

    lol it fits ns real nice, too. fantastic work as far as the hl1 engine goes! :D
    Want realism? Go play outside.
  • 9y
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    Professional 3D Artist
    Awesome work there
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    Digital blacksmith
  • 9y
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    Teh Snake avatar
    Teh Snake
    586 Studios Flag
    586 Studios
    Skin Expert
    Something interesting i've just found here - brand new well detailed model - sadly for mod i havent even played yet.
    Model : awesomely made - perfect detail,no poly wastage,interesting idea and concept. It looks just same as those Starwars clones.
    Functionality : havent seen anything same before even for css or hl. I bet it works perfectly ingame. Awesome compiling here for both player models!
    Texture : something that could use some work here and there. TO begin with - texture itself imitates all the details those clones have - same colors,markinks,emblems and stuff - u did u'r homework here. But overall texture looks pretty dull to me - pretty lowres,damage look pretty "painted-look alike" And it doesnt look like NS engine provides proper lighting so i guess texture itself sure could use static lighting style.
    Advices : Increase resolution,use at least some kinda metal base for damage areas,play a bit with contrast.
    In the end - its an exelent and original release here. Awesome solo work




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Natural selection Team


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