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ELiX ZaLosts Battle Hard Kukri

A Skin Mod for Team Fortress 2

This is a Kukri that shows more of the spy bashing side of the sniper way of life.

Hello, I'm ELiX ZaLost. This is my Battle Hard Kukri, _________ ABOUT THIS SKIN: I wanted a more painful looking kukri for myself, So i added scratches to the blade and a little hint of blood. I added a new handle and some recolor to the parts. The blade took me a pretty long time to put together so dont tell me i didnt put time into it XD __________ Please rate this skin before or after using. If you have any advice please comment. _________ HOW TO: Just extract the files into the corresponding files in your tf folder. should look something like this; C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\USER_NAME\team fortress 2\tf If the files aren't there then create them. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR DOWNLOADING!!! HAVE FUN!



  • 8y
    Pros: Very nicely done. I think it was done quite well Cons: In some places the scratches are a bit weird, but overall quite good Improvements: Nothing really. Notes: Very nice for a first try


    Half full or half empty? It's
  • 9y
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    ELiX ZaLost Joined 9y ago
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    Posted by SchnookieFace I wounder why people are voting this so low.
    ha, thank you. i thought it was better then a 4 and a 5 like the other ratings.. so thank you for raising it up a bit. i know its not the best but i thought it was at least 7 worthy D:
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    That Cake is a Spy!
  • 9y
    I wounder why people are voting this so low.


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    Master Of Nothing
  • 9y
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    Bumper Cars 64 Joined 9y ago
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    Pros: there is a good attempt at the scratches and blood while the idea is pretty innovative then the basic black + white re texture that you see a lot you seemed to have tried something different which is great for a first time! Cons: the level of detail is lacking. Its a classic problem of "Its the thought that counts" the texture is kinda low-res and the scratches make the handle and blade look more like marble. Improvements: up the res and try a new type of way to make the machete look scratched and the blood might wanna be looked at too. Notes: fix the improvements and i'm sure you'l get a way higher score.


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    Pros: Somewhat of a nice idea. Cons: Texture is blurry, low res. Blood looks more like red paint and it's covered in scratches that remind me more of cat hair than anything else. I have no clue what the handle is supposed to be made of but it looks pretty bad too. Improvements: Double the texture size, darken the blood and make it look like actual blood, lighten the scratches (to dark) and not use as much scratches. Also you could completely remove the scratches altogether and replace them with normal mapped scratches. Notes: Sorry about the low score but I am just assessing to the best of my ability.




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ELiX ZaLost


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ELiX ZaLost Joined 9y ago
163 points Ranked 21532nd

ELiX ZaLost
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Kukri Machete
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