Female Engineer re-worked

A Skin Mod for Team Fortress 2

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A re-skin for Mr. Kit's Female Engineer model. Adapted to TF2 art style.

ATTENTION! Apparently Mr. Kit's model does no longer work with TF2's updated humiliation movements. Thereby this work is outdated! Try it if you want, but it's unlikely that it will work. Female Engineer model by: Mr. Kit THIS ARCHIVE ONLY INCLUDES NEW TEXTURES! Click here to download the original model first. CharlesMan has brought the voice of Left4Dead's Zoey to TF2. Download the Zoeygineer voice pack here! It obviously fits much better than the manly Engineer voice. I decided to re-skin the Female Engineer created by Mr. Kit to match it with the Team Fortress 2 design theory. This skin adapts the model to the general TF2 art style and fixes the √úbercharge texture, so it fits with the assets taken from the original Engineer model and with the other classes' √úbercharge versions. It also reworks the normal map and adds a new one for the head.



  • 6mo
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    For one, this anime art style is awful, for two, it doesn't even work with hats, and three, everyone is rating this so damn  high because everyone just wants to see titties in TF2, can't get enough of em. I can't say this anywhere because the hard-dick twelvies get all fucking mad when I tell them that Fem-Pyro is fucking stupid.
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    Don't get me triggered.
  • 6mo
    i get re-re-worked,here.

    wait,i just fixed voice,not reworked hats.
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    i'm mentai
  • 3y
    UMMMMMMMMM can you make a version without the mask? (or whatever in her face is)
  • 4y
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    If anyone wants a new voice pack for this, I will make one

    ...when I have time. I'll reuse the zoey lines. Dustyoldroses's voice sounds a little too old for her, unless some other cute-sounding girl wants to step in for the voice. :3

    In the meantime. heres a new link to the Zoey Engineer. http://www.mediafire.com/download/9ourq7m5le4dy4c/Female_engie_sounds.zip
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    You can't rush art
  • 4y
    The skin works just fine, i have it. The thing is all the hats are in your face. if someone is willing to fix that...
  • 4y
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    For those of you that can either fix it up yourselves or put up with the bugs the model has, here are some hats and items modified to fit this model, and some UI images.
  • 4y
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    The link for the voicepack is down
  • 5y
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    Apparently, I tried downloading ChemicalAlia's engineer, then downloaded this one and Mr. Kit's skin and the humiliation animation works! Only problem is the gunslinger but the taunt of it is the same (looks kinda freaky when a regular hand is just spinning).
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    F2P Pro
  • 5y
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    - Realy cool!
  • 5y
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    Update please :)


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Key Authors
Texture work
Original Authors
Mr. Kit
Model author, Orig. skin


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As long as you obey Mr. Kit's license on his model and do not claim my work as yours, I really don't care about what you do with this.
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