Rune Machete

A Skin Mod for Team Fortress 2

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Rune Machete

First proper go at a skin hope you enjoy. :) Inspired by the Adamate and Dragon machete already on here.



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  • 8y
    1200mm avatar
    1200mm Offline
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    Pros: great skin overall and theme/style
    Cons: none
    Improvements: none


  • 9y
    ArmidiloX avatar
    ArmidiloX Offline
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    I think there is actually quite a lot of detail.
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  • 9y
    Harley avatar
    Harley Offline
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    This is a rather nice skin. The texture is great.

    The only reason that the Detail and Realisim arnt at 8 is because there isnt really much detail to be spoken of and realisim....ill leave it at that.

    If I were you I would try to model or get someone to help you and make a model of the Rune Scimitar. That would be bad ass


    Banana I am dissapoint avatar
    Banana I am dissapoint
  • 9y
    satell1te avatar
    satell1te Offline
    Member Joined 10y
    Holy shit, this skin reminded me that i still owe my friend some rune scimitars. oh well, i'm hoping he's moved on from runescape to WoW.
    death from above ;) avatar
    death from above ;)
  • 9y
    Awesomesauce avatar
    Member Joined 9y
    251 points Ranked 15066th
    Oh wow, i really love this skin. I wouldn't use it since i have one already but it looks REALLY NICE!
    Great job judging from the pictures, looks like you put some effort into this. The scratches and the white frost looks great too and you normal-mapped it perfectly.

    I also love how it goes from blue to gray on the top and the little bumps in the machete.

    Great for your first skin!


    Necessary Evil avatar
    Necessary Evil
  • 9y
    Bluttarn avatar
    Bluttarn Offline
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    I remember getting the Rune Scimitar in Runescape a looong time ago. But I don't play it that much nowadays.
    ROLF avatar
  • 9y
    SGT.KiLLFAC3 avatar
    Member Joined 10y
    142 points Ranked 22471st
    My only real problem with it is that its based on runescape and its not much cooler (if any) than the default machete... it isn't really BAD, I just don't like it.
  • 9y
    Snuffles avatar
    Snuffles Offline
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    (quoting is being mean)

    But to LordTrilobite,

    It is called a Rune Machete in reference to the game Runescape. Rune is one of the higher strengths of metal and is colored in this teal shade of blue. You can see in the description he mentions the Adamant and Dragon machetes which would be Green and Red.

    I like the look of this skin, personally. It's quite rare and nice to see normal maps on someone's first skin and gives me high hopes for your future in skinning if you plan to continue.

    Unfortunately it is hard to figure out what material you were going for on the handle. It doesn't much look like wood but again quite good for a first attempt at skinning.


    What's a glasses man? avatar
    What's a glasses man?
  • 9y
    LordTrilobite avatar
    Member Joined 10y
    2,096 points Ranked 2234th
    Why is it called a rune machete when there are no runes on it or anything to associate it with runes.
    It's a conspiracy. avatar
    It's a conspiracy.
  • 9y
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    Posted by Leetality

    One bit of advice
    You may want to give it a "glowing" effect, i think the code is illium or something in the vmt, or you may wanna ask some people, i forgot, but that would make it so much better.

    "$selfillum" 1

    And it uses the diffuses alpha on defining what to illuminate. (white = Light and black is no lighting at all and all points in between)


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