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Boomer Thong

A Skin Mod for Left 4 Dead

Boomer wearing Red Thong/Boy Shorts

Hello, Here is the Boomer thong skin a lot of people have been asking for, this is not a final release, just a release for everyone that wanted it to enjoy.. Skinning note: Leg skin was created since the Boomer wears pants, So had to create legs/butt skin to match skin on his arms and upper body.. Install Note: Just unzip this zip file into your left 4 dead main folder and that is all. Before doing so, make sure to back up your original Whitelist.cfg, pak01_dir.vpk files before unzipping the downloaded file.. If you want to go back to your original Boomer skin just delete the files you've installed and replace it with your original pak01_dir.vpk and whitelist.cfg files, that is all. UPDATE: With the recent major patch some things may have changed in the vpk files. Re-edit the new pak01_dir.vpk from your recent major update by following this instruction: In the Vpk file search for "$baseTexture "models\infected\boomer/Boomer" by opening it with Notepad ++ a free text editing program, Just change the last part Boomer to Coomer and that's it after unzipping the other files into the main L4D folder. Darksider1972


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  • Angel_Bot avatar
    Angel_Bot Joined 6y ago
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    **Notes:** - Very Cool Also I Applied It To L4D2 By Putting Your Skin On Somebody Elses :D Edit: That Didn't Really Turn Out To Work But You Should Make The Shirtless Boomer It Would Be Awesome :D Please Do This!
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  • Taco avatar
    Taco Joined 10y ago
    access_time 10y
    Pros: Great skin makes me laugh every time i see it. but kinda makes me run away cuz of the thong :D anway good skin. Cons: i get some bugs when he walks. nothing major but his legs move up to high might just be my pc. Improvements: see cons. Notes: good skin thanks for sharing
    Its not rape if i yell surpris
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  • mikester112 avatar
    mikester112 Joined 10y ago
    248 points Ranked 54129th
    access_time 10y
    My eyes they burn!!! Anyway great skin :)
    Apple Pie
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  • freakanarchist avatar
    freakanarchist Joined 10y ago
    access_time 10y
    Horrid. repulsive. frightening. all those adjectives fit into l4d perfectly. 10/10 imo c:
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  • CoacH avatar
    CoacH Joined 12y ago
    access_time 10y
    Im the boomer then i see that 0.o
    Cheeseburger Apocalypse avatar
    Cheeseburger Apocalypse
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  • Stachekip avatar
    Stachekip username pic Joined 11y ago
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    access_time 10y
    Holy fucking shit! I think this skin has blinded me! X_X
    the snacker
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  • tjthemaniac avatar
    tjthemaniac Joined 11y ago
    access_time 11y
    Disgusting and repulsive.
    I'm a God Damn furry deal with
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  • Marquis Posa avatar
    Marquis Posa Joined 12y ago
    246 points Ranked 54252nd
    access_time 11y
    I used your skin for my new l4d boomer video, check it out!
    I AM LEGEND avatar
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  • de Wolf avatar
    de Wolf Joined 11y ago
    access_time 11y
    Does this have phong shading?
    Hi thar.
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  • suspect41 avatar
    suspect41 Joined 12y ago
    1,035 points Ranked 25006th
    access_time 11y
    Dude u could be an assassin killing L4D players when they see this fukin gruesome this makes good porn O.O
    Insert text here.
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Darksider1972 avatar
Darksider1972 Joined 11y ago
312 points Ranked 51171st
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Development Info

Photoshop CS4, Photoshop VTF plugin


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Creative Commons License
Boomer Thong by Darksider1972 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.



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