red blu machete

A Skin Mod for Team Fortress 2

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A red blu machete



  • 9y
    Mxmlln avatar
    Mxmlln Offline
    Member Joined 11y
    39,663 points Ranked 101st
    Not too much effort been put into this, however it's alright.... reminds me of fizzy cola bottle sweets, they are thoes exact colours :D

    Like this :

    Click here.


  • 9y
    Futon avatar
    Futon avatar Offline
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    Alright, I think you people should start thinking about what your submitting. Question yourself "Did I put effort into my submission? Will people want to use this submission?" Because stuff like this just look like point-whoring to me. I could do the same thing in a few minutes. So please, put more effort into your submissions from now on.

    5 - It doesn't look good. You could improve this by thinking of something that people might actually want? It's very simple and I think this is a premature release. Make a pack or something if your going to submit 5 second jobs.


    Fill my script.
  • 9y
    BlackHoleSon avatar
    Member Joined 10y
    Animation: Default animation, and has not been altered.
    Model: As with the animation, the model is also the default.
    Texture: The texture is quite messy. In fact, i would not call it textured completely. the over-solidity of the colors and lack of varied color is a bit poorly done.

    The colors are not even similar to those used by the teams.

    Open up the team colors along with the skin and you could have used the color dropper.

    Could have used a gradient affect instead of having it splashed on, its just poorly made and messy.


    Stand still, I'm used to paper avatar
    Stand still, I'm used to paper
  • 9y
    Sid 6.7 avatar
    Sid 6.7 Offline
    Member Joined 9y
    1,487 points Ranked 3162nd
    This is an ok skin. I'd like to see a V2 with more to it. I do like how you merged the red/blue, & keep working on it!
    A perfect working PC is only a avatar
    A perfect working PC is only a
  • 9y
    halofox117 avatar
    halofox117 Offline
    Member Joined 9y
    108 points Ranked 26697th
    The point of this was not to "make it look gay" but make it look unique to long have i gone on this web s to find the same old shit camo or blood i just whant to give ppl
    more options cuz im not one that likes the same old shit as for animations im a noob at skining and photoshop so in gona to learn that to if your that picky
  • 9y
    asdfghjkllkjhgfdsa avatar
    Member Joined 9y
    12,325 points Ranked 342nd
    Hey. that is bad criteria you chose. please choose one that applies to the skin i.e texture originality and w/e. there are no custom models and animations as far as i know so that would be a 0 for them two. therefore i will be nice and not asses. just change the criteria next time to something more appropriate. but imo id give this a 8 :]
  • 9y
    Animation: Well what can I say about the animations ? Default tf2 animations whatsoever.I like them that's all.No critics here
    Model: The default machete model looks good if you ask me.I don't see anything wrong with it so critics here either.
    Texture: The textures...huh...I don't know how to say it but here goes nothing: they look soo funny! I mean a two colored machete ?! Looks very gay if you ask me and I really I mean REALLY mean.I've seen many ugly tf2 reskins/recolor but this one...this beats all my odds.Seriously what were you trying to do ? Make a gay looking machete for tf2 ? Well you did it but I don't like it even a bit.It not good enough to satisfy my tastes


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halofox117 avatar
halofox117 Offline
Member Joined 9y
108 points Ranked 26697th

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