Colts Bloody Machete

A Skin Mod for Team Fortress 2

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I decided to make a Indianapolis Colts skin for the sniper's machete.

Coltsfan4life Products ---------------------------------------- **NEW LINKS ADDED!!"** This is my first skin that i decided to post for everyone. I decided to make a Indianapolis Colts skin for the sniper's machete. This is my first release so PLEASE let me know what you think, things i should add or remove, and/or work on. Thanks ***Re-Re-edit: Well i didnt feel like waiting for rapidshare so i reuploaded the file and everything is working 100% again. Thanks and sorry for any trouble*** Extract to C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\USERNAME\team fortress 2\tf\materials\models\weapons **DO NOT reskin this for any reason without my permission!!!!**



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    Lol @ random Colts logo and flames on the handle. This is very good for a first skin, nice and clean (if you look past the blood 0,0) and its sleek. I like the blood splatters, and the small details you made, like the flames and Colts logo. Very good. :)


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    Please keep checking the author's notes for news updates. Again im sorry for the problems.
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    The link is broken please fix you can download it but when opened in winrar it says it is rather broken or not there
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    Animation: The default tf2 animations are good so I don't have anything to say about them.No errors nor anything like that.
    Model: The model is good as much as the animations.I really like it.I don't see any errors nor anything like that here either.
    Texture: The textures are quite interesting.If I have to tell you this isn't such a bad idea after all.A blue blade with red and flame grip.Huh looks a bit weird and crazy but I'm finding it for pretty good.You should try making more uber reskins like this for the future.Right now the only thing I can come up is: Job well done!
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    Looks good


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