Wounded Creatures

A Skin Mod for Dark Messiah of Might and Magic

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Wounded Creatures for your Dark Messiah game.

This is a Skin-Mod for a few creatures in Dark Messiah. It adds wounds and blood to the skins. Currently changed Skins: -ORC -WORM -CYCLOPE -FACEHUGGER(or whatever its name is) -BLACK GUARD -NECROMANCER -NECROMANCER LORD -SPIDER -DEATHKNIGHT(also don't know its right name) -GHOUL This basically, is a reskin of 80% of the NPC types out there with the addition of various bits of gore onto each of the skins. When I first read the readme, it sounded like he had made some sort of system by which there were more "gore" points on the model, i.e when you hit them in certain places, more gore would appear on the skin rather than just the regular stuff. This however was not the case. Instead it is a fairly simple reskin done, in my opinion, quite well In most cases (with the exception of the necromancer in which the gore on the stomache is a bit much). My only complaint is that the gore and blood is on every creature even before you hit it. If you somehow coded it so that when damaged, then this skin replaced the original one, then I think it would work better, currently though they all just appear damaged before you've even hit them which is just a bit odd.



  • 9y
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    If noone of you have played Dark Messiah, the blood in it is very very red and ugly. Kinda like red paint, and I believe this fits right in actually, even though I don't feel it looks to good, i fits in.

    No The Blood of DMoMaM is Very Red!Extreme Red!
    The [GER]
  • 9y
    Grumly_the_bear avatar
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    This is a repost..
    I sold my pen0r on ebay. avatar
    I sold my pen0r on ebay.
  • 9y
    Killer1962 avatar
    Killer1962 Offline
    Member Joined 10y
    This creaturs play with red colour^^
    The [GER]
  • 9y
    Pros: We got more gore.
    Cons: The wounds don't look really well at all.
    It looks like just red on a new layer with either some transparency or blend mode set to overlay.
  • 9y
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    Shouldnt this belong on rpgbananana???
  • 9y
    GRALL19 avatar
    GRALL19 Offline
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    The wounds don't look like wounds more like paint stains or so sorry
    When night falls she cloaks th avatar
    When night falls she cloaks th


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