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A Skin Mod for Counter-Strike: Source

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A type5 smg for ump of defaults

Hack/Skin Edits/RefMaps/Sounds/Compile/Animations -Futon Model/Texture -Valve I animated this, and the animations turned out alright so I decided to release. This is made of hacked together default models. I also made phong maps. New sounds. The texture is a bit low quality, but I didn't feel like completely redoing it. No buypics, No world models, No video. I started out trying to make this. http://world.guns.ru/smg/smg75-e.htm But it didn't look good with the carry handle thing so I just left it. I might add to this in the future but don't count on it. Their is a version with and without the silencer. DON'T MODIFY ANYTHING IN THIS RELEASE WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!!!1 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=




  • 5y
    mILKingAway avatar
    Member Joined 5y
    1,945 points Ranked 2429th

    Saw it too , that guy needs a ban :P
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  • 5y
    M@gnos avatar
    M@gnos Offline
    Member Joined 7y
    i wonder if he asked you ... http://www.gamebanana.com/css/skins/116209
  • 8y
    Its a good gun BUT
    1. Recoil is weird
    2. The finger on the trigger is weird
    3. Use a other animation
    4. Or make a other Orgin
    5. Shooting sound is a little bit soft
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    The World Change in HD
  • 8y
    ipwnz avatar
    ipwnz Offline
    Member Joined 8y
    Wiggle animations are wierd. But great model
    Boom HEADSHOT! avatar
    Boom HEADSHOT!
  • 8y
    I can't believe this was hacked with all the default models. That's crazy!
  • 8y
    leslieliang avatar
    Member Joined 9y
    3,701 points Ranked 1242nd
    I'm not a big fan of Bullpup styled weapons, but I really like this. I don't like the fire animations though. It doesn't look like recoil, but it looks like he is just wiggling the weapon around.

    I made a preview video.
    The one and only. avatar
    The one and only.
  • 9y
    Ciao Time avatar
    Ciao Time Offline
    Member Joined 10y
    3,446 points Ranked 1343rd
    This is a great model and a great idea. If this was finished, I'd 10 it across the board. Very unique.

    The model is one of the most unique on the site. With all the two-cylinder Sten guns and STALKER ports out there, this is a gold mine for some new textures. It's simple enough that re-texturing wouldn't be a nightmare like some super hi-poly models, and it still looks badass. At a first glance from far away I would have never suspected this was a hack. Except the way, way out of place AUG grip. Cheesy, but nicely done.

    But yeah, as you say, it's very unpolished. Apart from the silencer, the texture is blurry and undetailed. The texture goes from out-of-box-clean black to blurred scruffed-up grey as you move from barrel to stock. All the details (especially the area above the trigger guard) look stuck-on with a MS-Paint filled color scheme. I can't really provide solid criticism because it's unfinished and doesn't live up to the model's potential.

    And the animations are messed. The trigger finger spazzes out wildly when you fire it in fully automatic fashion. The end of the reload is a stutter-fest. It doesn't need to flip about anywhere, it's a silenced sub-machine gun! The animations are pretty sub-par. Sideways recoil? Bleh.

    Hard to criticize the sound since I can't find any good video references on a silenced Type 05, lol.

    A proper animation, new textures and making the bottom end look remotely like the real thing would bring this from a "cool but meh" skin to a "Damn, that thing looks sick!" submission. It's a shame that this skin has gone untouched for so long. Save it, save it for all of us. This has great potential.
    Trap goes here.
  • 9y
    Hybrid Refrigerator avatar
    Member Joined 9y
    140 points Ranked 22662nd
    Yeah... Perspective is kinda wrong (pointing upwards too much). Also the recoil could be less horizontal (bouncing from side to side) and more vertical.

    Everything else is ok.
  • 9y
    ToxicLust avatar
    ToxicLust Offline
    Member Joined 10y
    Posted by Unkn0wn

    I would re-animate it for u =)

    Do it so we can finally have a good ump lol
    You can play nut outside!!! WH avatar
    You can play nut outside!!! WH
  • 9y
    1nfamous avatar
    1nfamous Offline
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    World models plz?!
    Killing is Easy As Breathing avatar
    Killing is Easy As Breathing


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