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Echo's Black Machete

A Skin Mod for Team Fortress 2

A simple retexture of the sniper's machete, black carbon style.

£cho's Black Machete ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A retexture from scratch of the sniper's machete. It's got a sort of black carbon look that I like, and looks nice with my recolored sniper gloves. Black handle, used blade with some scratches. Hopefully you like it. Comments, questions, suggestions, and complaints are more than welcome. Assessments and stamps are also encouraged if you want to voice your opinion and feel strongly about it. Please, no anonymous assessments. They're a pain to deal with. Thanks and enjoy! Regards, £cho



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    Ok first of all the handle is kinda just black and noise. Secondly the blade has those dark damage scratches and they dont kinda fit with it. Theres not only minuses. Theres some good things like the color of the blade. I like it. Its not "to realistic" and not to toyish. Its perfect so props for that. Overall its good but it has some issues.


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    A decent idea that is executed very well, the metal isnt too noisy or smudgey, nor is the metal overly contrasted or damaged. And the metal is a great shade of gray that goes well with the handle. My only dislikes with this skin are the some of the dark scratches on the metal, which are somewhat unrealistic in detail and would look alot better if they were placed around the edges rather then just spread out randomly across the blade. This has been done before in the past, but nevertheless, this is a good, quality addition to the machete section. Good work, i hope to see more out of you.




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Key Authors
Grey Echo (£cho/Ech0)


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Development Info

- GCFEdit - Adobe Photoshop CS3 --- VTF Import/Export Plugin
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Feel free to distribute the work anyway you'd like, as long as you give me credit for my work. You don't even need permission unless you plan to include this skin as part of a pack. You may not sell this skin or somehow make a profit off of it AT ALL, as I will not give permission for such actions.


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