Complete crowbar retexture

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This project took more than 2 hours, but hopefully was worth it. new with this: New textures (3 times sized shaft and 2 times sized curvy-part) Custom normal maps phong shading tedious detail Most of all, i got the back of the curvy-part texture to match up, that was causing a lot of problems and took forever. So for you to get an idea of how un-detailed and low res the default is, look here.
there you have it... I worked hard on this, so please rate me up.


  • 8y
    Caple Ochi avatar
    Caple Ochi Offline
    Member Joined 8y
    Pros: Cool skin :P


    ROFLMAO avatar
  • 9y
    RichyZ avatar
    RichyZ Offline
    Member Joined 9y
    429 points Ranked 9821st
    I like it, though it does give a TF2 look.


  • 9y
    Robotpowah avatar
    Robotpowah Offline
    Member Joined 9y
    180 points Ranked 18881st
    The scratches dont need to be there, its just covered with them, and they're huge.


  • 9y
    Kfu avatar
    Kfu Offline
    Member Joined 10y
    26,597 points Ranked 160th
    Sorry dude, is a nice skin, and a hard work has been done here, but it´s really horrible. Is just too plain texture, and the dodged parts looks weird. I have to agree with rufus, default one looks better than this.

    I know the hard work you have done in this, but sorry, try to make something better.


    The n00b Hunter! avatar
    The n00b Hunter!
  • 9y
    Rufus avatar
    Rufus Offline
    Member Joined 11y
    Honestly I think the default one looks better. I don't know how you were thinking when you skinned your crowbar, especially the head but it looks quite unrealistic. The scratches doesn't look so good and the metal lacks metal texture, especially the head, it looks plain. The phong also looks pretty bad. I also wonder why you skipped the lighting on the cylinder on the head but you did it decently on the body. Redo the head and possibly the lighting on the body, the lightning on the body doesn't make much sense in my eyes.
    By the way, it's spelled crowbar, not crobar.


    Facepunch sucks avatar
    Facepunch sucks
  • 9y
    Djlolface avatar
    Djlolface Offline
    Member Joined 9y
    2,269 points Ranked 2049th
    Pros: I like the attractive 'shinyness' to the metal it gives it a nice hint of realism, You have attempted to include plenty of detail which is nice to see with a good base and scratches which It is nice to see you have put the effort in to make them 3d.
    Cons: The scratches on the gray area could do some work perhaps adding more obvious ones around the raised edges which look a tad undefined, the red scratches I think are pretty much spot on but they dont seem to merge into the plain metal.
    Improvements: Perhaps blend the red and grey areas together more, perhaps by roughening the edge as if some of the red paint has been worn away and also the scratches on the metal I think would be a lot better if they were more defined as well as perhaps adding more along the ridges.
    Notes: Nice work its good to see more retextures comming out, I was getting fed up with recolours.


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    If your gonna die....
  • 9y
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    Looks really nice. I love the detail. If I ever get to the point where I install the mod, I'm going to use this skin for sure!

    Great job!


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    One Man Army


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