Adamant machete

A Skin Mod for Team Fortress 2

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Hello. It's my second skin. Now i changed colour of blade, screws and wood. And of course I added small Aperture Science logo, I don't know why. Just... Enjoy! Installing: Unrar to (Your Steam Folder)\SteamApps\(Your Username)\Team Fortress 2\tf2 And... Play! Now v2 with phong, bump map and menu image (i know, it's bad... Whatever.)!



  • 8y
    Betwixt avatar
    Betwixt Offline
    Member Joined 9y
    A rune one would be preferred, but this is good none-the-less.
    Paladin avatar
  • 8y
    (CW) Cheese avatar
    Member Joined 8y
    135 points Ranked 23200th
    He has a point no tf2 = no screenies. but great idea man! runescape aint half bad.
    cheese, or Whiz, you decide
  • 8y
    EvilGenius666 avatar
    Member Joined 9y
    2,371 points Ranked 1980th
    Posted by deathhell77

    Someone has no life. Failskin. learn to play a real game. tf2 does not count even though you probably dont have it anyway.

    Firstly, in what way is Runescape not a real game?
    It's a different genre of game to TF2, and one you evidently don't enjoy, but that doesn't mean it's any less of a game.

    Secondly, how can he not have TF2!?
    How else could he have taken the screenshots or even got at the files to edit them in the first place?

    Now then, this is actually quite a good skin compared to many that I've seen. The colours don't actually look too out of place, and they aren't over shiny or burnt out in the areas with high light levels, which can be hard to get around.
    Also, I haven't seen any Runescape style skins before, so a good original idea.

    Good work for your second skin!
    Stabbing your back since '92
  • 9y
    Dxbjamal avatar
    Dxbjamal Offline
    Member Joined 10y
    Posted by McFee

    SELLING ADDY SCHIMMY 2k!!!! hehe. who havent played runescape just ones ??
    make a addy butterfly knife please ^^

    why not a rune one?
    wow, i'll buy for 1 mil!
    old RS memories....*sigh* now what the **** happened to RS, it completly changed!
    Master Spark
  • 9y
    Impossible9 avatar
    Member Joined 9y
    1,160 points Ranked 4042nd
    Detail: When i saw this i already smelled RuneScape :P

    Not really good, it kinda looks like plastic.
    Add some reflection, make it darker and a little more metal-like.
    Functionality: I don't know any way a machete skin could function :/
    Originality: This is an absolutely great idea. RuneScape into Team Fortress 2! =D
    The idea is really original!
    i think you should make some critical hit sprites, as 99 ht splats!


    Junior Mapper avatar
    Junior Mapper
  • 9y
    Exorcyst avatar
    Exorcyst Offline
    Member Joined 9y
    502 points Ranked 8681st
    Posted by feltorn

    Posted by W1LLDAB3AST

    Posted by feltorn

    Posted by DragondeX

    Posted by feltorn

    You want to give people a hard time eh? ok,
    you're rude, your obnoxios, you thing you can rule out everyone elses judgment becuase you pay for an online website, you waste your time continously pointing out every little flaw of a simple reskin because I bet your not man enough to do otherwise.
    you want to critisise something? fine, but continously going on and on about how shit something that is clearly someones first work is just plain cruel, its bullying, bullies deserve to burn in the flaming pits of hell, I know what it's like having people like you around, all you do is make life hard.
    I don't care about your stupid name that you probably didn't even make.
    I don't care about your little payment stuff.
    There are some times when you just don't do something, there are some lines you don't cross, and you, my friend, have just crossed one.

    Not much fun, is it, when YOU'RE getting a hard time eh?

    1. I am not giving you a hard time. I told you this was spam because it is and it is a simple recolor with only 1 noticeable change.
    2. Learn to spell. If you want to be taken seriously, present yourself in a well-mannered way and do not whine.
    3. The reason I have ripe is because it was Easter day and I got a few bucks and I figured, "Ehh, what the hell, why not?"
    4. I make life hard? I made my statement and left. You carried it on and whined.
    5. Tell me, What would you rate this based off of the other skins? Do you think it is worth a 10? It isn't.
    6. I am a bully? Hahaha. I am sitting here laughing about your excellent vocabulary. How old are you, may I ask.
    7. I find that you are taking this site strenuously. I suggest taking a few seconds to think about your reaction to a statement before going off on a tirade.
    8. If you call what you just did a "hard time" than you need to learn what a hard time means.
    Now, read my points and think before you speak. I would really like to curse, but I will not because I have higher standards of my self than you do, apparently. Oh, and last but not least.

    LOL @ YOU!

    Didnt even bother reading all that so..



    you guys are dorks for writing all that bitchin'

    arn't we just? :P

    I'm joining in this. bump. :)

    Anyways, I like the idea of adamant machete, brings back memories. I like it. :) Good work, maybe you could do damage sprites, runescape style, and show damage. :D
    hurr durr
  • 9y
    play150 avatar
    play150 Offline
    Member Joined 10y
    Ahhh... The RS memories :D

    I love the color too, I dunno hee hee.


  • 9y
    McFee avatar
    McFee Offline
    Member Joined 10y
    977 points Ranked 4798th
    SELLING ADDY SCHIMMY 2k!!!! hehe. who havent played runescape just ones ??
    make a addy butterfly knife please ^^
    Da Fee. avatar
    Da Fee.
  • 9y
    YouLoseAndIWin avatar
    Member Joined 9y
    378 points Ranked 10945th
    6 medals 1 rare
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    Runescaoe comes to TF2.
  • 9y
    Ultrimo avatar
    Ultrimo Offline
    Member Joined 10y
    2,294 points Ranked 2038th
    Like it! It looks cool and works well. The previous post that said this was spam I think is incorrect. People may like the colour but are unable to skin, themselves.

    It is however just a simple recolour so i can't give full marks.




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