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  • Merged 4 different submissions into one.
  • Added gray skin version.
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Pointless overlong history section: 

Once upon a time I decided that all the 5-7s that existed as model replacements were complete dross, they were skinny, insubstantial and generally a bit poo. I set about making something better, my first attempt, whilst being proportionally correct was in fact, utter crap. It was badly smoothed, badly modelled and generally awful. My second never saw the light of day. This is my third. It's about the right size and shape, it looks like a 5-7 and I hope very much that you like it. Of course, a model is nothing without a top notch skin and in this respect I was very lucky. Not only did I get one skin, but several, all of which were truly lovely and unique. Hurrah! 

Thanks must therefore be doled out to all the folk who helped me with this. 

srota lost you on MSN, so here ya go. 

Everyone who gave me crits and comments, the fatabulous folk who skinned the bugger, the animators and compilers and the people who actually made this release possible when I couldn't be arsed. It is they you should be thanking when you actually get to use this model. 

Copyright stuff : 

Clearly this model is mine, the skins of course belong to their respective authors and as do the anims . Distribute this as you see fit, but never charge for it. If you hack, modify or convert it I would like to know about it. Shoddy compiles and coverts can ruin and otherwise lovely model and if this happens here I shall be most displeased. Gamefusion, should you ever have the outright cheek to use this model in one of your packs, I will rip off you limbs, kick you in the nuts and then sue you. I hope that makes it absolutely clear that you should not be suing this model in any capacity.


This was just a quick job (Well actually, it took a long time, but whatever) for those of you wanting a decent CZ compile (or 1.6 compile for you other people)

This has the updated vertex assignment problems, and I have also included 1.6 and Condition Zero shield models as well. There's also corresponding folders to decide whether or not you want a LAM on your 5-7. :D Enjoy!




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