Beta 1.3 Weapons Pack

A Skin Mod for Day of Defeat

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Well, here it is! Time to go way back! It’s the… The DAY OF DEFEAT BETA 1.3 WEAPONS PACK! These are the actual weapon MODELS and SOUNDS that were taken directly from the original DoD beta 1.3 file that have been transferred over to work with the newest version of Day of Defeat. And after creating a handful of individual model releases from this version, I have decided to put it all into one package! If you are like me and have been playing DoD since it's golden days, you remember some of the old skins and models. Well, here is the ultimate entry of conversions that I am sharing with you! Relive those old days with this nostalgic model and sound pack that go along with it! I am not a modeler, skinner, or modder. I am just an old DoD player that wants to use those classic models! Enjoy! ----- KNOWN ISSUES: -The M1 Garand's melee attack animation is missing. -There are no replacement skins for the greasegun, machineguns, or the bazookas as they were not introduced until later versions. -The BAR does not have any reload animations when it is setup. This is because the beta 1.3 version of DoD did not have that feature for the BAR yet. -Some of the animations cut a tad short. ----- If anybody finds any problems with this pack or has any solutions to the known issues listed, please feel free to contact me. Thank you. *Special Thanks to the 11th Airborne Division Realism Unit. Enlist @




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