EW's Seal Team 6 CT pack

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CREDITS Original model/skin: Valve Original bumpmaps: Gay Messiah Reskin: Eggwhites bump maps and model edits: Eggwhites Features *replaces all ct models with seal team model *all models have separate skin *no consistency errors *phong shading (not visible in screenshots) NOTE: This pack does NOT use Sixtoes' edited models. I hexed the models myself. Screenshot with phong: http://www.fpsbanana.com/games/media/view/7655 more are appreciated NOTE: Do not edits or redistribute any part of this pack.
Matching Sleeves for Eggwhites' ST6 Pack



  • 7y
    snapshot32 avatar
    snapshot32 Offline
    Member Joined 7y
    i dl it and i think i installed properly how ever i belive it f**up mah models royaly......the cts (minus urban) are all invisible....help would be appreciated.


    remember kids drugs r bad n' d
  • 8y
    Otto Grainer avatar
    Member Joined 8y
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    I think some of the eyes could be better positioned or less sharp, like the guy on the far right in the first image for instance, but pickiness aside, I think the colours are really great. You got my download. Cheers!
  • 8y
    SoldierX77 avatar
    SoldierX77 Offline
    Member Joined 9y
    How the hell is this a racial diverse pack? It's perfect, 8.5/10.
    +Edit - I also just realised they're all urbans :P, could try to make them all different?
  • 8y
    [NightWolf] avatar
    Member Joined 9y
    175 points Ranked 19272nd
    I used this before, but im trying this out again but all the models are shiny and stuff. HALP!
    I would die for something, rat
  • 9y
    Eggwhite im not chinese but ty for making a pack with racial diversity because america is the "melting pot"
  • 9y
    Swaggar avatar
    Swaggar Offline
    Member Joined 9y
    Pros: Matches Well, Looks Good, dead Accurate
    Cons: none
    Improvements: Some of the eyes eg GIGN
    Notes: Rly Gud, but i wont be dling


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  • 9y
    LolzMan1325 avatar
    Member Joined 9y
    Cool pack, but can you fix the GIGN's eyes? they look weird.
    Making Life Awesome Everyday
  • 9y
    JuiCE~ avatar
    JuiCE~ Offline
    Member Joined 9y
    1,670 points Ranked 2795th
    Posted by -Genesis-

    Pros: Look's fucking sweet, nice to have a matching team.
    Cons: None.
    Improvements: Maybe make them all green?
    Notes: I'm using this forever. :D

    I think you make a mistake on your CSA score assessment. A score of 5 overall when the feedback seems positive?
    Thanks Joshh for ripe! avatar
    Thanks Joshh for ripe!
  • 9y
    Jeremy66 avatar
    Jeremy66 Offline
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    Pros: Awesome, Realistic, in Character
    Cons: None
    Improvements: None
    Notes: The matching glove pack=Epic Win


    Zombie Slayer. 1-800-332-3545
  • 9y
    Jezpe avatar
    Jezpe Offline
    Member Joined 10y
    Posted by Eggwhites

    Posted by Jezpe

    Sigh d'oh! ST-6 is an American special force organization..

    there are such things as Chinese Americans. Dont you know? America is a really diverse country.

    Okay okay.. Let's start again. Is it possible for you to add there second option skin pack? It wouldn't be bad either.


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