combine base

A Skin Mod for Garry's Mod 9

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I'm not english, so i'm sorry if there is some fault :( You will need gmod plus downloadable here: and the door mod, downloadable here: there is a rocket (it suck), for use it, just press 0 there is some button (the button are keypad) in the map, push it ! for use the helicopters, you need to press E when you are in front of the cockpit (you need to crouch at a moment, and press E after) for controle the airplane (it dont look like nice, but it work good-.-): 2: for go up 8: for go down 5: for advance 4: for go left 6: for go right maps: freespace_06_v2-1 this is my first "good" build, so try it and send a little comment please :) enjoy !



  • 8y
    Can i get this in a zipped format,not in a winrar format
    LOL wut?
  • 10y
    Cpt-Davennport avatar
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    Pros: none
    Cons: none

    Improvements: none
    Notes: Pretty nice map! XD I like your helicopters, i welded some machineguns for it xD


    .:(OCE):. Bunker | PuRpLeFlUrP
  • 10y
    I am A Salad avatar
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    186 points Ranked 18657th
    How to make a combine helicopter-model???
    My mom said I'm cool...
  • 10y
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    Yeah uhh, gmod plus is an addon to gmod 10...if i'm right. This is a saved you go to your GMOD 9 directory and paste this in the savedgames folder, then when you start gmod you load this as a saved game. there should be tutorials on installing door mod, & there should be an installation readme when you dl'ed door mod.
    Bananite avatar
  • 10y
    dazzla_0 avatar
    dazzla_0 Offline
    Member Joined 11y
    Where do I save this?

    Where do I save GMod plus?

    Where do I save Door Mod?

    Sorry if this sounds to noob but I don't know what i'm doing. Thanks to ever who tells me :)
  • 10y
    prison1902 avatar
    prison1902 Offline
    Member Joined 10y
    199 points Ranked 17815th
    I see a little bug with the airplane, i will repair it now, sorry :( i set some thrusthers to number 2 instead of 8 :( sorry !


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Member Joined 10y
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