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female eyecandy body replacer underwear

A Skin Mod for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

I, Solidus Snake, will add links to some extras that can go with this modification.

Edit: I wasn't allowed to put the link to the nude version of this, if you want it, ask me directly or send me a PM and I'll gladly give you the link, there's also a link to removable underwears.

This is a modification for "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion" in an attempt to make female bodies more to Exnems liking. This mod will add textures and meshes for females of every race with a more athletic and well built version. Special care has been taken in correct rigging and skinning to make the whole body move well and have no visible seams or gaps between body parts. Installation To install, extract the files in the data folder inside your Oblivion directory.

Make sure to make a backup of your "\data\meshes\characters\*" folder and "\data\textures\characters\*" in case you want to uninstall you will need to restore these after uninstalling.

KNOWN ISSUES AND BUGS The game uses the same skeleton to move both male and female meshes, this makes the shoulder area a bit wide (a problem found in the original female body), as this is a more muscular female, this issues do not worry Exnem. The skeleton could be edited to shorten the clavicles to make the shoulder area thiner, but the maker of this really didnt have the time nor the desire to do that. Please feel free to edit this work as you see fit if you know what you're doing. The game engine seems to use a strange hue map to change the tone of the skin (tone settings when creating a character). This will make some discoloration appear where the uvmapping seams are if a character is strongly changed in tone. At the moment there is no way to fix this. Because of the way this mod is created it may not be 100% compatible with other body replacer mods, nor will it be compatible with many of the original clothes if mixed together (example, using a bra made for this mod and pants from the original game). We will try to edit most or all the original clothes to fit this body, and other armor and clothes creators may try to make thier clothes fit too, so be on the lookout for those.
Please assess and stamp this skin and if you see an error or encounter a problem, please send me a PM.

Please take note that I did not make this, I'm only sharing the goodness with my fellow FPSB members.

Original screenshots Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3 Screenshot 4



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    Model: perfectly shaped female bodies. glad someone remembers what women SHOULD look like :P Texture: very good, detailed. no obvious errors or tearing Animation: Mostly beautiful, but more hip waggle and titty jiggle; less upper back being hunched over. tho perhaps thats not something you can alter with this mod (I'm an artist but not really a coder) - if so disregard :P


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    Posted by porethoose Now just to make sure this is skins for oblivion right?
    @@ Yes it is for Oblivion, although the skin had been lost a long time ago I didn't know this had been restored, fixing the location error. Thanks for making me notice about this skin.
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    Now just to make sure this is skins for oblivion right?


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Solidus Snake Joined 12y ago
1,982 points Ranked 2488th

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This is an open project, as such you are welcome to add to or modify this mod as you see fit as long as you comply with the Open3DProject license contained in this mod (see Open3DProject.doc). You are more than welcome to make your own clothes and armor for this mod. If you need templates or help check the forums and drop me a note somewhere, I will try to help or just give you a thumbs up. ;) Feel free to post any content you make derived from this mod (texture modifications, new clothes, armor, etc) at our forums so we can try to keep content for this mod in one place for easier finding. Likewise, if you are looking for clothes or armor for this body, or other variations or tweaks derived from this work, please check my forums or the ones at Canadian Ice's place. -Exnem


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