Realistic pistol pack

A Skin Mod for Battle Grounds 2

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Realistic Pistol pack. By venom I made this pack mainly based on the history where the Kingdom of Great Britain and the thirteen "United Colonies" used different kind of quality weapons. I tryed to make it as realistic as possible. hope you enjoy! History: The pistols was a personal weapon and about the size of a banana, like the musket had a the pistols a very bad aim. American: When the war began, the Americans did not have a professional army or navy. Each colony provided for its own defenses through the use of local militia. Militiamen were lightly armed, slightly trained and usually did not have uniforms. Their weapons was mostly rusted and the wood mouldy. The units served for only a few weeks or months at a time, were reluctant to go very far from home, and were thus generally unavailable for extended operations. Militia lacked the training and discipline of regular soldiers but were more numerous and could overwhelm regular troops. British: At the beginning of the Revolutionary War, there were approximately 48,647 men in the regular British Army. Of this number, 39,294 were infantrymen, 6,869 were cavalrymen, and 2,484 were artillerymen. Within North America, only 8,580 in 18 regiments of infantry covered a distance from Newfoundland to Florida, with the overwhelming majority located in Boston. The British army was well suited, well trained and the majority of the weapons was new. Skin: In these models you will find new texture added to the wood and metal on the american and british pistol. The American Pistol contains Mouldy wood and rusted metal. The British pistol contains fine new shaped metal and wood. basicaly a brand new pistol! These models contains the V models (first person) Place the Pistol file in your C:\Steam\steamapps\SourceMods\bg2\materials\v_pistol_a folder. and the Tower-Pistol file in your C:\Steam\steamapps\SourceMods\bg2\materials\v_pistol_b folder. Note: Create the folders if nessesary. Credit: I want to thank the Bg2 team for making a great game. please keep all feedback constructive. For any further questions or ideas please feel free to mail me at:



  • 9y
    Shirk avatar
    Shirk Offline
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    Pros: ummm you did your best
    Cons: lack of detail
    Improvements: maybe learn how to skin better
    Notes: none
  • 10y
    benmastaw00t avatar
    Member Joined 11y
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    Posted by Nijobes

    5th... There really wasn't that much work done with it.
  • 10y
    SpyderVenom avatar
    Member Joined 12y
    480 points Ranked 9239th
    Fair enough. a bit unconstructive in my opinion.
    Think it depends on how long you have been playing with the standard skins.
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    Come get me!
  • 10y
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    Posted by AngryMooCow

    Posted by Outcast

    I actually think the standard skins looks nicer.

    Yeah, I have to agree with this.

    Third that.
    Respect is everything. avatar
    Respect is everything.
  • 10y
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    I actually think the standard skins looks nicer.
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    Why so serious?


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Member Joined 12y
480 points Ranked 9239th

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