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The Ultimate Splatoon Skin Mod - A Skin Mod for Friday Night Funkin'


Official Inkling Boy now playable in Weeks 1-4! 5d
  • Addition Taking longer than I thought rip

Ink it up in the singing universe!

Here it is... The Ultimate Splatoon Skin Mod for Friday Night Funkin'! (Well, right now there is barely anything, but it will grow to be one eventually)

I have a Discord server up in case you want to see some updates quicker or just want to chat or play with others!

Here I will update weekly or every two weeks with the different customization options that are available in Splatoon, such as:
-Hair Style
-Eye Color
And more!

Right now only the official Inkling Boy sprite sheets for Weeks 1-4 and options for Week 4 are done, but I will upload the rest soon!

The disadvantage of this mod is that it will eventually be huge...
Feel free to delete things you won't need!
I will change the folders once the amount starts to escalate, that way you don't have to download literally everything if you don't even plan to play with all stuff!

But there is a gigantic advantage! You will download PNG files of the previously mentioned customizable things! Afterwards you'd put them together in any drawing app and form your own personal Inkling/Octoling!

Don't worry, I have a text file included which gives you step-by-step instructions on how to make your own character! It's rather beginner-friendly (especially the part for sprite editors if you want to alter my defaults; but it's also pretty lengthy), so there should be no problem with your creation process!

However, if you don't feel like making a custom one, I have another folder up which includes finished assets of official Inklings and Octolings, so you're not required to do anything!
Plus, this may also help in seeing how the assets should look like when you finish creating your character, so it can be used as a guide as well!

I hope you enjoy this!

If you have gear requests, comment, it's first come first serve! Note that I have a similar post running in Splatoon Amino, so I'll go in order with both comment sections, not just here or there (... although noone has requested anything on there since its starting point of creation, oof)
Also, I will *not* make any custom stuff, e.g. special hair styles or shirts with non-in-game designs. It's already a lot to do, sorry, I hope you understand!

By the way, go give the Neo Mod a look, it is incredible with its own reskins, backgrounds, and even lipsync! This is what inspired me to add lipsync as well aha

Their team consists of JellyFishedm, Mr.M0isty, EvanClubYT and MagnusStrom! Check out their mod and give them lots of support, they really deserve it!
I used a part of their mod in order to make my lipsync in Week 4 possible! Of course I asked for permission, and it has been granted by JellyFishedm, the director! Thanks a bunch!
If you want to publish a lipsync skin mod using those files, please ask for their permission first, alright? Cool cool :^)


Dependencies and prerequisites required to use this Skin

  1. Any drawing app for the customizable files


Week 6 Pixel Sprites High Priority Week 5 Christmas Gear High Priority Get current sprites into other week files High Priority A whole lotta Gear (duh dhalbdksbla) Low Priority Base assets Low Priority
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    Right so I have been thinking about this for a while now, and I want to know if you'd like me to have one of the featured characters in the showcases to be available as a "Ready To Use" character instead of only the official Inkling Boy, since just him is not much at the moment to play immediately with

    I would replace the Ready To Use featured character folder every time a new showcase is up with one of those, to keep things fresh perhaps

    Y'all agree to have this be a thing for the time being there aren't many official characters yet?

    Edit: General consensus on Amino seems to be a yes, and they seem to want me to pick, so I'll start doing that the next update
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  • you beat me to it...
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    Tonini08 Joined 11d ago
    Hello again, I have an idea for the death screen with the octoling/inkling soul, make it fade away instead of cutting off, like in the actual game!
    Yo why are you reading this
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    Manago Joined 2mo ago
    Darn someone beat me to it XD. I was planning to put some of  Splatoon 1's Battle Themes in the game over some weeks. But as a complete nerd with Splatoon, I love this! can wait for the full completed mod.
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    Tonini08 Joined 11d ago
    I think you should have the custom characters for gf. You don't have to though!
    Yo why are you reading this
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    I want to see this for making fursonas.
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