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Kirby (Omega Recolors) - A Skin Mod for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


Kirby (Omega Recolors) 2mo
  • Addition -New Outfit Update and Compatibility
- All outfits are now compatible with the new dlc character Prya and Mythra.
- New Yellow Outfit Added. Its a custom yellow outfit I made in the style of Kirby Air Ride.
Upload #24

Well here we are with the next upload and my did I have some issues. So first I had many freezing issues when loading the game with certain characters. This was fixed by dumping Kirby's 10.1.0 model files, I was using 7.0 files. Next was the Kirby hats, having off colors and not even working period but that got fixed as well. Some material editing seems to be the key when editing characters who don't change colors by normal texture editing. So with all the issues fixed I give you the next character.

Here is Kirby with 6 recolors. Huge inspiration from Kirby Air Ride (One of my favorite games). I remember those 3 pages of HUGE checklists to complete. Anyways not as many as my other characters but more than Toon Link's 4 outfits. I used the default outfit to make these and they should be able to be placed over any slot if you rename everything correctly. Comes with all working Kirby Hats. Final Smash eyes work even with the Kirby Hats. Comes with Ui as usual. 

Color ID
01 Kirby (Custom Yellow Air Ride Variant)
03 Kirby Air Ride Red
04 Kirby Air Ride Green
05 Amazing Mirror Snow Kirby
06 Kirby Air Ride Purple
07 Kirby Air Ride Brown/Chocolate Kirby

Side Note: Everytime a DLC character is released, this will be updated. Kirby's model is updated with a release of a new character because of his copy ability.  If your curious what would happen if I don't update it is. Entering a battle with the new DLC character and Kirby in the same match will result in a freeze on the vs screen. So I will update ASAP when new characters are released.

P.S. Well I got yellow done, took some time. Might make a blue before the next dlc. Idk yet.


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    Cherrylord Joined 3mo ago
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    Pretty cool colors, gonna use purple as a polygon kirbo
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  • hell yeah, these are all so good (obviously the green one is what I'm mainly here for though). nice job! can't wait to see your next upload
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  • What a dream come true!  I love all these colors on Kirby, especially the Snow, Red, and Chocolate ones!  I hope in the future you can give the Blue and Yellow Kirby a make-over, but that's for another time.  I love this a lot, and thank you so much!
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    Gawker Joined 3mo ago
    These recolors are pretty awesome. I normally don't like saturated colors but they look really natural on Kirby. Nice work!
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