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Mega Man X (Render Form) |Update 13.3| - A Skin Mod for Fallout Shelter


Mega Man X (Render Form) |Update 13.3|

this mod works for the latest update for the game on steam 13.3Ver
Also Only steam and 
no android
this texture is rigged  (yes apparently the textures have a stop dead line which means if you make the textures big it won't fit for the game and it will make an error so I rescaled rotation, and moving )


This guide is a step-by-step tutorial which aims to help install the CustomOutfits mod for FalloutShelter.
The mod only works on PC (Beth.NET or Steam), Android is no longer supported.
1. Download the "ModInstaller tool" (Optional files category) from the "Fallout Shelter Modpack" mod:

2. Download the "CustomOutfits" mod.

3. Unzip the installer tool and the CustomOutfits mod too.

4. Start "FSModInstaller.exe":

If you have the Beth.NET version installed the path should be automatically picked up by the installer.

If you want to use Steam or the location is not correct press "Browse" and navigate to the "FalloutShelter" installation folder (this folder contains FalloutShelter.exe)




5. Press "Add" and browse the "CustomOutfitsMod.dll":



6. If everything is correct the "Next" button should be enabled. Press "Next".

If "Next" is disabled double check the "Game path".


7. Wait for the installation process to finish. If this is the first mod in your game it could take a longer time.



8. Start the game and goto "Settings" then "Credits":

The credits should start with "Modded Fallout Shelter", then "Loaded mods: 1x" (at least one, if you use the ModPack too this should be around 36).


9. Load a vault then "Save & Exit". This is an important installation step!


10. Goto the installation folder of FalloutShelter then goto "FalloutShelter_Data", then "Mods".

You should see a "CustomOutfits" folder here, if not check the "modloader.txt" for any errors or try to reinstall the mod.

If you didn't load a vault this folder never gets created.


11. CustomOutfits is installed now, you can place the outfits into the "CustomOutfits" folder.




If you placed some outfits into the "CustomOutfits" folder but they don't seem to work, check the "outfitlog.txt".

For example after installing the "Wasteland Combat Armour" mod, the correct log should look like this:

[2020/05/22 11:10:11] Log started.
[2020/05/22 11:10:11] Platform: PC, CustomOutfits mod version: 1.0.11
[2020/05/22 11:10:11] Loading "CombatCustom.json"
[2020/05/22 11:10:11] 1 textures to load...
[2020/05/22 11:10:11] "CombatCustomTex" loaded.
[2020/05/22 11:10:11] Load item texture defines...
[2020/05/22 11:10:11] Atlas added x1
[2020/05/22 11:10:11] Loading items...
[2020/05/22 11:10:11] Count before: 164
[2020/05/22 11:10:11] Item with ID "CombatCustom" added.
[2020/05/22 11:10:11] Count after: 165
[2020/05/22 11:10:11] Recipe added for "CombatCustom" 

when you downloaded this mod from nexus
download the mod , extract it and drag json and image it to the customoutfits folder

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