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TF2 but it's in FNF - A Skin Mod for Friday Night Funkin'


Version 14 22d
  • Addition Remade Solly Sprites, (Thanks to Pic sel!)
  • Overhaul Overhaul of text.
  • BugFix did i seriously forget to include the .xml for the alphabet?
  • BugFix other stuff
updat e
Version 13 26d Addition2 Overhaul Version 12 1mo Addition BugFix Version 11. 1mo Addition Version 10. 1mo Addition2 BugFix

TF2 BABEY!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm trying to go for an all-out TF2 aesthetic for FNF, and I decided what better way to do so than by making everything TF2 related! I have modded every background to match places in TF2. These locations in particular would be...
Stage: cp_manor_event Fireplace Room.
Haunted House: BLU ctf_2fort Intel Room.
Philly: RED Side of the Train Station In ctf_well.
Limo: The Outside of plr_hightower.
Christmas Mall: RED and BLU Interiors of ctf_well.
Highschool: Outside of Red's Harvest Shack.
I have also included some sounds to go along with the aesthetic.
Thunder has been replaced with some Heavy voice lines.
Train sounds have been replaced with their TF2 equivalents.
Car sounds have been replaced with Scout saying "Need a dispenser here!"
The Administrator announces the beginning countdown.
When you get blue balled, every single mercenary laughs at you.
I have also made some extra replacements.
The alphabet has been replaced with the TF2 font.
All non-TF2 assets (that are not main characters, along with main songs + charts) in weeks have been replaced, apart from the curtains in Week 1.
The beginning countdown has been replaced with some edits that use the TF2 font instead.
Combo numbers use the TF2 font.
The accuracy images have been replaced with some TF2 counterparts.
Some intro text has been replaced with some lines relating to TF2.
The "Press Enter to Start" text has been replaced with "Find A Game"
The Friday Night Funkin' Logo has been replaced with TF2's logo.
The background fanatics in Mall and Highschool have been replaced with TF2 mercs taken straight outta the game.
Links to the unedited mods used in the screenshots:
Heavy BF
Scout BF
Miss Pauling GF
Spy Dad
Scout's Mom over Mom
Spy and Scout's Mom over Dad and Mom
Engie Dad
Spy Icon over Dad
Humanoid Sentry Dad
Pyro Mom
Soldier Senpai
Demoman Dad
Jack5gamebanana's Stepmania Noteskin
Unseenfury's Stepmania Noteskin


Prepare for Week 7. High Priority
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