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Link's Aesthetic Muscle Skin Texture - A Skin Mod for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU)


Update #1 - SDCafiine pack 4mo
  • Addition Created a SDCafiine version of the Link's Aesthetic Muscle Skin Texture mod.
I have created a SDCafiine pack for each version of my Link's Aesthetic Muscle Skin Texture mod. There are eight Link_AMST_[version #] folders inside the folder. In each one of the Link_AMST_[version #] folders is a sdcafiine/00050000101C9400/(aoc folder and content folder) collection of files that you can copy in the root of the SD card for your Wii U console.

These files have been made to work for Zelda: Breath of the Wild (USA) Ver.1.5.0 - DLC Ver.3.0 for Wii U. If you have the EUR version of this game, then rename the 00050000101C9400 folder to 00050000101C9500. Otherwise, if you have the JPN version of this game, then rename the 00050000101C9400 folder to 00050000101C9300.

To clarify: You can now use SDCafiine to install any version of Link's Aesthetic Muscle Skin Texture mod in your Wii U console!

If Link does a lot of fighting and climbing, then why is he not ripped?

This mod replaces Link's default skin texture with a new texture that covers his body with aesthetic muscle details. There are eight bnp files/versions of this mod. Only one of them need to be installed and enabled via BCML to use this mod.

Eight bnp files were made for you can decide how bright/noticeable do you want Link's aesthetic muscles to be. There are four brightness levels (BLs) bnp files: BL1 - BL4. The other four bnp files, the ones appended with "+ N", are BL copies that also include nipples placed over the layered aesthetic muscle details.

In case if you're wondering: Why nipples? Well, Link did show nipples when he practiced sumo wrestling in Twilight Princess. Also, it's weird that Mario has them in Odyssey, and Link in BotW doesn't.


The included folder contains everything that I have used to make this new texture map for Link. With the content in this zip file, you can edit this mod's new textures however you like. Paint.Net is required to open some of the files in the zip -- don't worry, it's a free layered image and photo editing software.

Lastly, if you're not familiar with editing textures for this game, then I recommend taking a look at N8endo's Tutorial: Creating Proper Mipmaps.



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