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Crash Bandicoot (and Fake Crash)

A Skin Mod for Super Smash Bros. (Wii U)


Fake Crash and other additions - major update 5d
  • Addition Fake Crash added (fully voiced - see pictures)
  • Addition 2 recolors for Crash added (from CTRNF - see pictures)
  • Addition 2 recolors for Fake Crash added (from CTRNF - see pictures)
  • Addition Metal models added for each skins
  • Adjustment Changed icons to match result icon
  • BugFix Fixed a "hole" in Crash's model
Next update will certainly concerne wrists and hands fix. 
Fake Crash Showcase:

Added result screen icon 11d Addition Feature
A model import from the N Sane trilogy which comes with multiple elements to fully replace Dr Mario (or eventually Mario/Luigi).

Download contains:

- Crash's model + 2 recolors (shiba and skunk from Crash Team Racing skins)
- Fake Crash's model + 2 recolors (chipmunk and racoon from Crash Team Racing skins)
- Optional replacement for pills and Dr Mario's mantel
- Optional replacement for Crash's battle intro (a blowing crate from N Sane Trilogy, based on Donkey/Diddy intro animation).
- Crash's and Fake Crash's voices + sound effect (based on both N Sane Trilogy and Crash Team Racing)
- UI for each skins (Chr_10, 11, 13, stock and mark/icon)
- Victory theme (Bandicoot victory theme from Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled)

Skins ID:

c00 = Crash
c01 = Fake Crash
c02 = Shiba Crash
c03 = Chipmunk Fake Crash
c04 = Skunk Crash
c05 = Racoon Fake Crash

Crate's animation during Crash's intro

Known issue:

His hands and his wrists are (very) badly rigged. This is due to a bad model positioning at the very start of that project (It's my first character mod). I'll certainly fix it, but I'm working on other mods for now.

Why over Dr Mario and not over Luigi:

Even if Crash has a cartoonish moveset in his games, like Luigi in Smash Bros, I wanted to fully replace a character with Crash. Since Dr Mario is basically a clone of Mario, and since he also has a "tornado" move, I preferred to base my mod on him.
But since Mario/Dr Mario and Luigi have similar skeletons, they easily can be swapped together. It means that if you want, you can put Crash over Luigi rather than Dr Mario without having too many weird effects on the character (only for Crash's model, I don't think that it will work with other elements)

Feel free to report any issue!


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Crash's creators
Naughty Dog and Vicarious Vision
Model import


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