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NN's Custom Chao Hats

A Skin Mod for Sonic Adventure 2


Texture fix (Version 1.11) 14d
  • BugFix Fixed indexes of hats which caused incorrect textures
When updating to Chao World Extended 9.0, please use Version 1.11 as the indexes have been fixed for said issue.
Version 1.1 2mo Addition Version 1.01 2mo Adjustment

Custom Hats for your Chao! (CWE Required)

The first public release for custom Hats in Chao World Extended!  Allow your Chao to have a new variety of Chao Hats that they can wear!

Requires Chao World Extended 8.3 (or later) to use.

The current release of the Custom Hat Mod has the following hats:

  1. Nightcap - A cute nightcap for relaxed Chao, and perfect for sleep time!
  2. Hard Hat - A construction helmet for your hard working Chao!
  3. Sailor Hat - A Sailor's Hat for your Chao who love to sail the seas!
  4. Wentos' Hat - Inspired by Sonic Unleashed, now your Chao can wear the hat that the puppet master wears.
  5. Snorkel - Inspired by Sonic Runners' Aquatic Chao buddy, This gives a cute snorkel for your Chao to swim with (Please make sure your Chao know how to swim first)
  6. Cowboy hat - Inspired by Sonic Shuffle's shooter minigame, Yee Haw!

These custom hats will appear at random times in the Black Market, and prices have been made fairly balanced for the purposes of getting the hat you'd like rather easily.


Dependencies and prerequisites required to use this Skin


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    Modboy Dev
    Please also list your contribution in the credits/authors list.
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    Thar be snow.
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    I don't think the mod's working for me. The hard hats show up but when anything else shows up in shop it just shows up as a null
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  • Flemwad avatar
    Flemwad Joined 1mo ago
    I updated CWE to 8.3 and got the mods to work! but when I give the new hats to my chao, the hat turns to a gold eggshell. I tried to download both files for this mod, but the "DLL issues one" tries to overwrite the other file. I love this idea and want it to work so bad, so any feedback would be awesome!
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  • Critter avatar
    Critter Joined 5mo ago
    1mo 1mo
    Is there a specific place this should go in the load order? I don't know why, but I can't seem to load this mod without my game crashing as soon as it starts up.
    Coffee Addict
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    These look really cute! Do you take requests via Paypal or the like by any chance?
    more like 6 feet underground
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  • I'm getting an error message upon launching the game:

    "The following mods didn't load correctly:
    Custom Hats Mod: DLL error - The specified module could not be found."

    Both the 1-click install and the regular download give me this error. I also unblocked the .zip version before extracting it, but that didn't fix the issue either. I double-checked the actual mod files too; the DLL is still there and the mod.ini seems normal. I have the latest version of CWE installed + enabled and placed at the top of the mod list, with the custom hats right below it.

    Is there some code or config that I'm missing? I'm not sure if it's the mod or just user error, but I want to make sure the problem isn't caused by something on my end.
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  • do these replace something or are they added
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Models and Textures
All Models/Textures
Special Thanks
Exant Joined 5mo ago
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Main Hat Code
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Fixing Indexes of hats in V1.11


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Development Info

The Custom Chao Hat project was created as an intention to provide custom, handmade hats for Chao, inspired by Chao World Extended 8.3's feature set to allow custom Hats and Fruits for Chao. All of the hats created so far have been made in Blender, and researched based off of real-world objects.

Future plans for this Mod: Pack 2 is complete.  Plans for a pack 3 have started, then this mod will be complete.

Known issues: Black Market crashes: If you have other custom hat mods that push the black market limit over its maximum, it will crash the game at the Black Market.  This has been fixed in CWE 9.  Please update your CWE version.


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