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Noveske Diplomat 7.5

A Skin Mod for Counter-Strike 1.6

Full port of Noveske from Contract Wars on BEAR hands. There're only v_ model and sounds in the archive.

Contract Wars isn't very popular nowadays, but its models, sounds, etc. are perfect. So, I spent some hours to cut this from cache files. It takes some time to fix everything so that it would work in CS 1.6, so I hope you will like it.

NOTE: there is custom muzzle flash in the video. It's only a plugin on my client, there is no sprites in the archive.


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  • warikkk avatar
    warikkk Joined 6y ago
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    With original gloves look much better than CSS fake gloves. Like. 
    amazing awesome ably
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    ElektroMod username pic Joined 5y ago
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    ElektroMod avatar
    Demons Flag
    access_time 28d edit 28d
    It's cool that you decided to port the full model with animations and textures.
    This way some people who didn't have access to the original CW files can use this assets as they want to.
    Otherwise, this CW models doesn't look that good in CS 1.6 without editing their textures.
    Most of CW models have 1024 x 1024 textures, if you downscale it to 512x512 you are loosing a lot of quality. I highly recommend you to learn how to UV chop, so you don't loose that much of quality, UV chop the weapon model and the arms model. Also, their textures look kinda gray and "stone-ish" looking, you should try adding a lil bit of contrast and some soft colour reflections.
    By the way, you forgot to delete the flipped mbus sight model:

    Add tritium on it too:

    So it can look like this:

    This are the settings you should usee in order to make it look shinier:

    Also, that mbus model looks deformed, did you applied a quick optimizer modifier there? i recommend you to do it carefully next time, and choose better what parts you should optimize with the modifier if you don't want to do it deleting manually vertices.
    Regarding optimization, the skin is very high poly, 34k polys is 2 much for the goldsource engine to handle, making peewees with this model and using them in-game would cause serious fps drops, i see why you decided to not include them.
    Be careful with the broken wrists in your next submission as CS PRO already pointed out
    If i remember correctly, the original weapon in CW had a muzzle breaker on it, would be cool if u add it in this submission as what you are planning to do is to keep it faithful to the game.
    Anyways what i would do is different, i would use Hired Ops' assests instead of CW's. Because:
    1- Both Hired Ops and Contract Wars have the same weapon models, the difference is in the resolution of textures, meanwhile CW's are 1024x1024, Hired Op's are 2048x2048 pixels in texture resolution.
    2- Hired Ops includes LOD models that you can use for peewees, most of them aren't more than 2k polys.
    3- CW stuff is all around GB, better make Hired Ops: same shit but better.
    There are lots of tutorials around GB that might guide you to make your next ports better. But if you want you can join to our server, I can provide to you all the Hired Ops assets and we can teach you lots of methods to improve your next submissions. Cheers!
    Fie-fo the Black Queen
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    CS PRO username pic Joined 6y ago
    HL Manager CS:CZ Manager HL2 Manager CS:GO Manager Baldi Manager BM Manager CS:S Manager CS1.6 Manager HL:OF Manager HL:BS Manager
    GL out there!
    CS:GO Ports Flag Affiliation: CS:GO Ports
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    CS PRO avatar
    CS PRO
    CS:GO Ports Flag
    CS:GO Ports
    access_time 28d edit 28d
    Nice work as your first port. You avoided many issues most new comers fall in. I'll give you some points you can improve upon:

    1. Most obviously, the texture quality could have been much much better. You can easily bump up the quality of the textures through UV chopping them, it is a way to keep the texture quality as good as it originally was while making it work for Goldsrc standards. It's an easy progress and can be done any program you use (ms3d, blender, etc..). Here's an example from a very similar model:

    2. Your way of mesh splitting isn't correct. You must keep the vertices that are assigned to the same bone together in 1 smd as much as possible. It'd fix a lot of rig issues like these:

    Oh and btw, the max amount of vertices per smd is 2048. You can reduce the amount of smd files by doing the mesh split correctly.

    3. The poly count is too much for vanilla Goldsrc. I have a low end laptop and I had a hard time loading this in HLMV.. There are a lot of ways you can reduce the poly count with like changing the arms for something with far less polys. It'll help with optimization.

    4. There is 1 dead frame in each animation sequence. Dead frames are like duplicated frames by each other, they can easily ruin animations like fire animations by making them look delayed. You can fix those quite easily literally in notepad. I made a tutorial explaining how here:

    5. The Idle animation has 3 frames which makes it look like it's shaking. You can fix it by either removing 2 frames and keeping one. Or by setting the fps of the idle sequence to 0.

    6. A minor thing, I'd move the muzzle attachment a unit forward as it looks like it's coming from inside the barrel.

    If you have any more questions we'll be glad to help you at our small Goldsrc Modding hub on discord. We help each other around, provide help and assets, and have a good time! ^^
    Stay Wholesome! avatar
    Stay Wholesome!
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  • Romeo (L) avatar
    Romeo (L) username pic Joined 8y ago
    On a Nightrain
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    Romeo (L) avatar
    Romeo (L)
    Outlaws Flag
    access_time 28d
    One more CW content user, welcome to the club )

    By the way, can you port Judge original animation? 
    Nightrain, never to return! avatar
    Nightrain, never to return!
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Absolut Soft
Model, textures, UVs, animations, sounds


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