*NSFW* Pokemon Dicks out mod

A Skin Mod for Pokemon Sword & Shield

NSFW Warning

Warning! This Skin is 18+ and Not Safe For Work. If you're at work, showing grandpa your favorite mods or under 18, leave now.


update 7.3 2d
  • Addition several pokemons dick out mods added
  • Addition Request of obstagoon, Lucario, cinderace, scolipede, and lycanroc mods added
  • BugFix Minor model glitch fix
  • Addition New machamp no pants mod can be found
Update 6.26 10d BugFix Addition Update 6.20 15d BugFix Addition4 Adjustment Update 6_17 19d Poke_dicks_out mod 1mo
I am a total newbie at this and this is my first time moldeling and modding. I was trying to find a mod like what I did(with a penis on char/pokemon)but never seen one. I have always wanted to do this so this is just for fun and for those who have the same interest in this sort of thing. 
This mod adds penis for your Machamp for both normal and shiny model. I might do the dynamax ([edit]sorry, gigantimax) form but this is just how it looks for now. Since I just started to learn how all this work, it might not be perfect (e.g. I did not know how to change textures well so the whole penis is black). So, agaian this is just a NSFW mod just for fun.

[edit 6.3] This page is turned to as a specific page for pokemon dicks out mod. I will probabaly only make mods of some of my favorite pokemons(ones with masculin traits etc.) If (I mean if) some one wants to request a dick out mod for a specific pokemon, I will see what I can do. However, I doubt I will have any requests on this, lol.

[edit 6.4]so the greedent mod was marked as a not allowed erected penis mod. I took it down
[edit 6.17]Zekrom and Thievul dick out mods are added. However, the dick of Thievul defroms badly when animated. I tried to weight paint out the penis, but that does not help much. If anyone know how I can fix this, please tell me.

[edit6/23]I created a twitter account for sneak peaks or requests maybe. Follow if you like. I could also use some helps.


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