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'Fallen Angel' Set

A Skin Mod for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU)


V3 21d
  • Addition Shrine, Altar, and Tower Recolors
  • Addition Supplemental Graphics Pack (Cemu Only)
  • Adjustment Missing Hero Ability Recolors
  • Adjustment Full Set Now Available in Separate Parts
Added some Missing files I missed in v2 and v1
version 2 1mo Adjustment3 Addition2

'Fallen Angel' Set

V3: Adds Several Shrine and Tower Color Edits, Missing Files have been included now and an Edited Graphics Pack is Available for further Color edits (Cemu only

Help and Info can be found @  BoTW Modding Hub and Feel free to subscribe for future updates

To start, I still consider this a WIP So future updates will come as I learn more. With that said I present to you: 

The Fallen Angel Set which is a combo Pack made for both Link and the Linkle mod my by lynard killer The Theme for this Set started as a passing thought of the Hero Falling from grace or being perceived as a greater threat than evils already in the current land of Hyrule.

This Pack currently includes:
  • Recolored Champions Tunic for Link or Reworked/Recolored Champions Tunic for Linkle
  • Recolored Emission lights on the Ancient Armor set
  • Recolored Guardian Weapons/ emissions for  + and ++ type
  • Recolored [Akkala Tech Lab] Ancient weapons/ emissions
  • Recolored Elemental Weapons/ emissions
  • Recolored Emissions for the Master Cycle
  • Recolored Master Sword and Glow
  • Recolored Hylian Shield now with Added Emissions
  • Custom Names for a few select items
  • Custom Inventory Icons for the Edited Weapons and Armor
  • Some Recolored Emissions for the Overworld and elements (experimental


Dependencies and prerequisites required to use this Skin

  1. DLC



Arrow Icons, Ancient Bow, Replace Linkle soldier Armor, Horse??, malice stuff maybe??? Low Priority
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  • is there a paraglider skin because i cant get it to work 
    URL to post:
  • access_time 17d
    Still love and recommend this mod but I also still can't get the color changes to effect everything properly, a real shame considering I can tell how amazing the world would look with those changes fully enabled! Absolute glorious mod! good job!
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    access_time 21d edit 21d
    This just gets better and better! Great job! I just wish that they could be added separately from the regular gear, like special pieces that you can come across in key shrines or something. Overall though, amazing work!
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  • access_time 1mo edit 1mo
    This is a really cool mod, and I especially like that Hylian Shield design! But would it be acceptable to make separate pieces on their own for people that don't want everything (i. e. Elemental Weapon pack, Master Sword/Hylian Shield/Master Sword + Hylian Shield, etc.)? The reason why I'm asking is that I'm not a fan of the designs for the elemental greatswords (I prefer their original colors, to be honest) and the Guardian Shield + and ++. Plus, that Hylian Shield design is sick!
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  • access_time 1mo
    Great mod! I would prefer having the ancient weapons glow purple instead of black. Also the Champions Tunic in game tends to look blue with clipping shots of purple. Other than these two points everything is fine. Maybe you can add the Giant Horse or Epona as a fallen horse with purple recolour?
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    access_time 1mo
    Nice! And with this Link/Linkle is finally the edge master they always wanted to be. Now they might even give Cloud from Final Fantasy VII a run for his money!

    But so, just to be clear, does the Master Sword also glow purple? And similarly, for the Guardian Shield I noticed it was black in color.

    Is there a purple version like in the screenshot you provided of the Guardian weapons? Actually, as a matter of fact, are the Guardian weapons purple or are they also black? I am confused.
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    Lover of the Lewd
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  • access_time 1mo
    Oh I love this so much!! Not 100% sure about that guardian shield but will have to see it in game, regardless everything looks so awesome!!
    • Thanks x 1
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  • Jewlz2814 avatar
    Jewlz2814 Joined 9mo ago
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    access_time 1mo
    any chance the custom emissions work on guardian sword ? Would love a black regular guardian sword blade if possible and regular guardian shield as well looks beautiful
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Development Info

All edits made with Toolbox, Wildbits, BCML, and some weird magic. Future plans are mostly tweaks, for now, such as emissions, arrow edits, bow edits and not sure where to go from there. 


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Development State


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