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SFM-like Phong and Normal Maps

A Skin Mod for Team Fortress 2


Version 1.1 18d
  • BugFix Edited Sniper's SFM-exclusive normal map so the sleeves line up properly with the TF2 Sniper base texture. Thanks to user AGoJyt for pointing this issue out!
This mod overhauls the phong shading and/or normal maps of every class to more closely match the appearance of their Source Filmmaker counterparts. See the preview images and their captions above for details.


For some classes, the differences are extremely subtle: tiny adjustments to phong & rim lighting on only the faces. For others (especially Demoman, Engineer, Pyro, Scout, and Spy), the changes are greater: phong highlights become much softer/sharper on different parts of the body, details like clothing folds become cleaner thanks to new normal maps, etc.

In short, the notable changes are:
  • New normal maps, phong masks, and phong exponent textures ported from SFM, in instances where the SFM versions of said textures were different/enhanced relative to the TF2 versions (or where said textures were entirely absent from TF2).
    • Note: the SFM-exclusive phong mask & phong exponent texture for Pyro’s head aren’t included, as TF2’s version of the Pyro model doesn't handle head textures in the same way, and thus isn't able to use them.
  • Edits to many player model material .VMTs, done in order to adjust phong parameters and enable support for phong masks, phong exponent textures, rim light masking, etc.

A more comprehensive list of changes is included in the download’s README.txt.

Note: There are likely still some small discrepancies between this mod’s materials and the SFM files they were ported from/based on. Creating this mod involved tons of intricate edits, file conversions, reading and re-reading dozens of .VMTs, etc. So it’s entirely possible that I missed something while referencing SFM’s files, or otherwise made some small mistake. I'm fairly sure I covered all the essentials well, at least.

Recommended Companion Mods

Newguy111’s SFM Player Models — Great-looking SFM-like models that are fully compatible with this skin pack.

Potential Conflicts w/ Other Mods

This mod does NOT replace any of the player models’ base textures (AKA albedos). Thus, other mods that exclusively replace base texture files won’t interfere with this mod in any way.

However, many popular texture overhaul packs (such as TF2TIP) also replace things like .VMTs, normal maps, etc., just as this mod does. You can still attempt to install this mod alongside such packs, but be mindful of the order in which you load them (TF2 determines which mods are loaded over others based on the alphanumeric order of their folder/file names), and be prepared to troubleshoot if conflicts occur.


To install, simply paste "SFM-like Phong & Normal Maps.vpk" into your "custom" folder in your TF2 directory.

WARNING: If you play with mat_phong 0 (which disables all phong effects entirely, including rim lighting), then all of this mod's phong-related tweaks will be nullified for you!


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Key Author
Skeleton Hotel
Porting files, editing .VMTs, etc.
Original Authors
Original Source Filmmaker materials


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