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Euphoria-Like (Dramatic) Ragdolls

A Skin Mod for Team Fortress 2

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V1.1 19d
  • - Demoman ragdolls rolling more than intended if got blown back too much (They still roll, but don't go into a rolling streak at times)
  • - Less Soldier ragdolls spinning like silly ragdoll mods if got blown back too much (They still happen)
  • - Spy ragdolls flailing their arms too much. (They still flail them, but less, same as the other classes)
You can still use the broken version if you want to, it's in the install.

The video is using the broken version, expect to see those things fixed.

Skip to 7:30 for non-blowbacky weapons.


Put "Map_BackGround ItemTest" inside of "Team Fortress 2>tf>cfg> autoexec.cfg
(Otherwise the mod will not activate on Valve servers)

Bypasses sv_pure servers automatically once you start the game. It'll start up a map in the menu to pre-load items and get around sv_pure servers for the duration of your game. Get ready to hear ambient sounds from the map when you start the game up for the first time on the menu screen, you'll also see a nice view of ItemTest. This also works for viewmodel animations as well.

As to come to the mod itself, this is a ragdoll mod that I originally made for Fistful Of Frags, and then ported it to GMod because someone told me to, and now I'm doing it for TF2, but in a similar but different technique. But you probably don't care about that. You could also call this mod Dramatic Ragdolls if you want but the name I used for the original mod for FoF was called "Euphoria-Like" so, why not include it here.

This mod is supposed to give the feeling of the physics engine called Euphoria which is used in every big Rockstar Games title since 2008. Like the ragdolls you see in GTA 5 or GTA 4 for example. 

But again, this is nowhere near Euphoria, it's just supposed to mimic it in a way.

What you would expect from this mod is, ragdolls stand up on their legs for half a second if they didn't die by getting knocked back by a powerful blow (Like shotguns at close range or melee, or rockets, whatever) or if they weren't running, sometimes flailing their arms before they fall down to the ground, just fall down, drop on knees for half a second and drop, roll on the ground for a couple of seconds and stop, not roll on the ground and just fall onto the ground normally, it depends on the force, backflips, frontflips, wherever you hit'em,

you'll also encounter neck breaks, especially for Scout's Weak-Ass Neck.

All these above were demonstrated in the test video. As well as the bugs with the 1.0 version which were fixed with V1.1.


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