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HD Modern Models Pack v8.1 + Additions

A Skin Mod for Sonic Adventure 2


  • - So, we have yet *another* update for this mod... let's see what's in-store today!
  • Addition Added some weight paint for Sonic's buckle so now that bends with the toes correctly
  • Addition Added TWO new versions of this mod. Take a look at the description to see what each version includes!
  • Addition Added some new Modern Sonic rail grinding animations!
  • Improvement Emphasised Sonic's eyebrows a bit
  • Improvement Tweaked the physics slightly so you'll be able to use this with mine and HoppyBoppyBunny's upcoming Wave Ocean mod for the 29th Sonic Anniversary! Knuckles' top speed and acceleration has been lowered slightly so it doesn't mess up the King Boom Boo boss fight.
  • Improvement Sonic's arms no longer jitter when running. Now you're playing with a real Modern Sonic run!
  • Addition New life icons for Sonic and Shadow! I have yet to complete this for the other characters*
  • Addition New redesigned HUD and results screen!
  • Addition New and improved invincibility effects and lighting shield effects!
  • Improvement Updates some screenshots
  • - That's all for now folks, hope y'all enjoy this update much better than the last one!
Crash fix 5mo BugFix Addition19 Improvement2 IT'S HERE! V8 IS AMONG US! 5mo Addition11 Improvement2 Something is coming in 2 weeks... 5mo Improvement2 Addition4 AMY HAS JOINED THE SERVER! 10mo Addition9 BugFix Improvement


1. Welcome to the ultimate model pack for SA2!

Hello there! 

This model pack replaces most of the character models with their best modern character models!
HD Models is currently an extension of Modern SA2 until MSA2 v6 releases in either late 2020 or early 2021. 
*If you have MSA2 5.0, please download this mod as it's a necessary addon for MSA2.
Amy, Eggman, Knuckles, Metal Sonic, Rouge, Shadow, Sonic and Tails all have updated models!
(**alternate models are yet to be updated, only Sonic has an alternate model as of now)

2. Versions of this mod

HD Models Pack v8.1 is the full package. This includes: models, animations & physics, sound effects, voice clips and stage (SET) layouts (basically everything)
HD Models & Animations v8.1a includes models, animations & physics and SET layouts.
HD Models ONLY v8.1b includes... models (surprise!) and Speeps' HedgePanel mod.
Now HD Models & Animations includes the physics and SETs because a lot of animations are tied to the physics, so my animations will play slowly, and thus not looking or feeling good.


3. Features

3.1. SET Layout Changes (v8.1 and v8.1a)

- City Escape
- Metal Harbour
- Green Forest
- White Jungle
- Pyramid Cave
- Final Rush

3.2. Model Changes (all versions)

- Unleashed Sonic
- Forces Shadow
- Forces Amy
- Forces Metal Sonic
- Forces Tails
- Forces Eggman
(mech models will be updated in HD Models v9*)
- Forces Knuckles
- Forces Rouge

3.3. Animation Changes (v8.1 and v8.1a)

These animations are recreations of the animations seen in Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Generations and Sonic Forces. Currently, only Sonic and Shadow have updated animations, with the exception of Knuckles as he uses some of Sonic's running animations, and the exception of all the characters for the common animations.

Common Animations

- Falling
- Braking
- Brake turning
- Springing
- Spring-to-falling transition
- Jump spin

Sonic's Animations

All of Sonic's animations are a combination of Unleashed and Generations animations.

- Standing
- Idle 1
- Walking
- Fast walking
- Jogging
- Running
- Max speed
- Lightdash
- Sliding (was previously the somersault)
- Sliding uncurl (was previously the somersault uncurl)
- Homing attacks

Shadow's Animations

These are all from Sonic Forces: Episode Shadow DLC

- Standing
- Walking 
- Jogging
- Skate 1
- Skate 2
- Skate 3
- Sliding (uses the same animation as Sonic)

3.4. Sound changes (v8.1 only)

- Modernised sound effects for the menus, objects and characters
- 4Kids cast for the voice clips (Tails uses Colleen's voice for now. This will be changed to his 4Kids voice in the next update)

3.5. Physics changes (v8.1 and v8.1a)

Mimics the physics in Sonic Unleashed. The v9 update has more accurate Unleashed physics for Sonic and Shadow.
Knuckles is slightly faster, Tails is faster and can jump higher now, Eggman is slightly faster and has a slightly higher jump and Amy is faster and can jump higher.


Enjoy y'all!

4. Extras (troubleshooting and Xbox buttons)

If you’re getting crashes with this mod, try play around with the Menu Overhaul mod and HD GUI and ALWAYS load model mods last! Using the bounce bracelet with Metal Sonic during 2P will sometimes crash the game! This is NOT an issue with any of my mods, it's just how SA2 works as this conflicts with Metal Sonic's shield ability.

If you wish to use the Xbox button prompts for the Action button window in-game and the Options menu, go to HD Models [version]>gd_PC>PRS XBOX and copy the two files in there. Then go to the PRS folder and paste the two files in there. Make sure to have HD GUI configured properly if you use that mod and haven't done it already and you're good to go!

For the nitty gritty details, here are the meshes/models used to create this models...

Sonic Unleashed head, body, mouth, arms and Chip's bracelet
Sonic Forces Sonic shoes, hands and Soap shoes for the alternate model
Complete Forces model for Shadow
Complete Forces model for Tails
Complete Forces model for Knuckles
A custom posed Forces Knux head model for gliding
Complete Forces model for Rouge
For the alternate outfit, Batman V2's utility belt and Catwoman's waist belts are used from Batman: Arkham Knight!
Complete Forces model for Metal Sonic
Complete Forces Amy model


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  • Zypher0S avatar
    Zypher0S Joined 1d ago
    I just wanted to mention, I am pretty sure there is a vertex on metal sonic that is missing any bone weight, most noticeable during his victory pose and while swinging on a pipe.
       Rouge the bat needs some weight attention, her legs are rubber and her boobs do very frightening things when she poses before fighting Knuckles. (Also, is her neck missing? Ive spotted her head floating a couple times at least.)
       Most of the chars have a very strange "Landing" pose, It is most noticeable when entering the chao gardens, but also happens in levels. Basically a very strange 'squat' eventually leading to an exorcist style contortion back into the standard idle loops.

       I also wanted to add, specifically a trick for users, if you grab the full pack but DONT want to use the "Modern SA2" mod with it, most of your speed lvls will break. The physics don't seem to work right without Modern SA2 (And visa verse)
        I have good news though. You can still get the models and the voice clips WITHOUT the physics changes by opening up the mod.ini file inside the mod and removing the line that says "DLLFile=SA2PhysicsSwapMod.dll" That way you get everything from this mod, other than the physics.
       Though ultimately it seems best to just pair this with Modern SA2, they make a much more cohesive experience together.
    URL to post:
  • E-69 Nice avatar
    E-69 Nice Joined 20d ago
    6d 6d
    Hey, I'm sorry if it's a dumb question

    But I really like the Soap shoes and would like Sonic to wear them during story mode

    Is there any way to make the alt costume the main one and vice versa?

    EDIT: I mean this more in a DIM(yself) kinda way, I know making all of this must be super hard and if there's some way to do a switcheroo w/o  even hassling you then all the better.
    URL to post:
  • hmmmlol avatar
    hmmmlol Joined 8d ago
    Ok so, great models! I'm using the models only version. 
    But I'm having some problems...
    The spindash looks like sonic is covered in a buggy texture and sometimes causes slowdown. Also the homing attack causes slowdown as well.
    It seems that the slowdown comes from when the blue trail, thats left behind from homing attack, intersects some things. I haven't been able to identify what things, it seems to be kinda random..
    Is there a fix or something I can do? Or possibly could you remove whatever changes you made to the blue trail, or the effects in general, as to just have your models with the game's original effects?
    Also, your mod changes too many things that I don't really care for, like item/enemy models, GUI, etc...
    Would be nice to have a true "character models only", without changes to anything else in the game
    URL to post:
  • DreamShark avatar
    DreamShark Joined 21d ago
    Your Mod does a lot more than just change the way models look and animate. 
    I'm seeing MANY changes in enemy, platform, and item layouts. 

    I went through all my mods, and it only makes these changes after enabling your Mod. I don't have any other mods activated that depend on your mod. 

    It actually BREAKS Final Rush with Sonic. 
    This is what it does:

    And this is what is SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN:
    URL to post:
  • How about you make a download for only the Sounds and HUD?
    URL to post:
  • Hi! I'm loving the mod so far! It's really great. Also, I've stumbled across a bug. Whenever I enter the Chao garden, the characters all go into a strange pose, their heads disconnect from the body with no pupils and their arms change into an awkward angle. It happens with all of the characters, so I'm unsure if this is an animation error, or because of conflicting mods. Thanks in advance!  
    URL to post:
  • MasonM526 avatar
    MasonM526 Joined 2mo ago
    1,209 points Ranked 23,552nd
    Hi!  I have two questions:

    1. I was wondering if this mod supports the alternate costumes? I would assume not, seeing as the alternate costumes are on completely different models, but wanted to ask just in case. Also, is this something you plan on doing in the future?

    2. Is there a way to toggle which characters I would want to have the modern models and which characters I don't? (I have the Silver over Sonic mod and want to keep it but would love to have Modern Knuckles/Rouge/Shadow/Amy etc. at the same time)
    URL to post:
  • Edexplayer avatar
    Edexplayer Joined 5mo ago
    406 points Ranked 49,023rd
    hey, you remember the problem i had well  disable upgrapes mod solved it and i don't know what affected it, but now the game doesn't explode it goes slow but it doesn't explode:D
    Game over forever. avatar
    Game over forever.
    URL to post:
  • novalue avatar
    novalue Joined 3mo ago
    Can someone please tell me how to get rid of Speeps' HedgePanel mod? It spoils gameplay -_-
    URL to post:
  • Hey there! Your mod is amazing! But... it has some bugs...
    When i jump has chaos, metal sonic nor amy, they make some weird flashy textures which affects both screens in multiplayer mode...
    But everything else is just perfect! I wish you could fix those characters jumps animations... (sorry if bad english)
    URL to post:


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Helped with fixing normals and smoothing out the mesh! Thanks Joanne!
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Provided the bracelet model!
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To all of you!
For viewing, downloading and rating this mod!


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