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Blaze The Cat v2.0

A Skin Mod for Sonic Adventure 2


Version 2.0 is here! 10mo
  • Addition Add a Code that Allow Blaze Replace Amy Instead of Sonic
  • Addition Custom Jump Animation
  • Feature Boost System with Rings (Optional)
  • Addition Burning Blaze (both for levels and Final Story!)
  • Adjustment Blaze Physic Updated and work for multiplayer!
  • Improvement Custom Texture for Upgrade
  • Addition a Code to add Flame Rings Power on Blaze without the upgrade needed
  • Feature Character Select Plus 100% Compatible now
  • BugFix Half Blaze Voice's gone when another Custom Character is here won't happen again
  • Addition Edited More voice Clip, Now you can hear Blaze the cat while fighting her in Dark Story
At Long Last, i've finally done it! Blazy Mix V2! with Burning Blaze and Custom animation, along with a Boost gimmick i added for fun, this Update will give you more experience with Blaze for SA2!

also added Auto-Update, just incase.
Thank you so much for Downloading and Enjoying Blazy Mix!
Blazy Character Select Mod Plus Added 11mo Addition Blaze the Cat 1.1 11mo Adjustment2 BugFix Addition

SA2 Blazy Mix - Play SA2 With the Pyro Cat!

Gotta put my favorite Sonic character into one of my Fav Sonic game am i right?
Welcome to SA2 Blazy Mix! when you can play as Blaze the Cat in SA2!

Blazy Mix Feature:

- Blaze The Cat, by Default She replace Sonic, but also can replace Amy! 
- an Alternate Skin for Blaze: Lunar Blaze, from Sonic Forces: Speed Battle
- Burning Blaze! Another Blaze for her second Skin and the Final Story!
- The Effects have been edited!
- Over 80 voices clip edited! (including idles, 2p Battle, Boss)
- Custom Animation! Like her Jump animation. Blaze over Amy have more custom animation than Blaze over Sonic
- Boost! by using Rings (optional)
- Since adding her Fire Drill model doesn't work that well with the game, i manage to did a new thing: Fire Spin Dash! which is basically a spin dash on fire, light in the dark

-- Optional Codes added on the mod aswell such as:

Blaze Patch File

this code's always on, allow custom file to load into the game for Blaze!

Custom plcommtn on Blaze only

This code will make the change the Standing and Walking and Jumping animation of Blaze when played on Sonic Stage single Player only (Always on, but take effect when Blaze's over Sonic)

Blaze Custom Physics

Change the Physic of Blaze:
- Her Speed is a little slower than Sonic/Shadow 
- But Her Jump is Higher and has Faster Acceleration

Blaze ALWAYS have flame Ring Power

Enabling this code will give Blaze flame ring power without the Flame ring upgrade.

Hold A on Loading for Lunar Blaze

Same Reason as Shadow stage, Hold A after select a level to load her Alternate Skin: Lunar Blaze!

With Character Select Plus, if Blaze Replace Sonic, Holding A will not work, but you can still have access by pressing Y/X on character select plus (a feature Justin113D added)

However if Blaze replace Amy, the feature will not work, so be sure to hold A after pick amy to load LunarBlaze

Burning Blaze Replace Lunar Blaze

For Player who want another alt skin of Blaze, you have Burning Blaze! Enable it will give you Burning Blaze for Blaze Alt Skin instead of Lunar Blaze!

This code is made for Player who have difficulty reaching Burning Blaze with the B button, or Player who use Blaze that replace Sonic

Play Shadow Stage as Blaze  (Blaze over Sonic Only)

Incase you don't have Character Mod Select, this code will simply allow you to play as Blaze in any Shadow Stage!
this code work ONLY if Blaze replace Sonic!

Blaze Replace Amy instead of Sonic!

Don't want to remove Sonic for Blaze? Well that's okay! this code will simply make Blaze taking over Amy instead of Sonic!
Though you need Character Select Mod to play as her on Single player.
For Multiplayer, Any player who pick amy will be Blaze, and both player can do Blaze vs Sonic
as for her special, it will require 20 rings instead of 10 unlike Amy, her special are more powerful, but she cannot light dash, 

it is recommanded to enable Blaze Custom Physics if She replace Amy

Hold B on Loading for Burning Blaze (Blaze over Amy Only)

Same Method as Lunar Blaze but you have to hold B right after selecting Amy to play as Burning Blaze on a Level!

Press Y to Boost (Use Rings)

This is a bonus feature i added! basically it require rings to boost by pressing Y! it can destroy Ennemies you pass. Only Speed Character can use it!

This also work on multiplayer, which disable Special from collecting rings. 

Tiny FAQ

1. Is Blaze Physic's balanced compared to Sonic/Shadow?
> Yes, Blaze may be slower than Sonic/Shadow but her High Jump and Better Acceleration can Match up with them!

2. Why Can't i load Burning Blaze with B if Blaze replace Sonic?
> The game Crash for some reason whenever a 2nd Alt skin is loading, i'll figure this out, but right now, only "Blaze over Amy" can work with it

3. Do it work with Character Select Plus?
> Yes! Blaze Image will appear in the character select depending who she's replacing.

4. Why don't i have custom Animation on Shadow Stage when i play as Blaze?
> For some reason, the game fail to load the custom animation when Blaze play on shadow's Level...
However this only happen to Blaze over Sonic. Blaze over Amy will work just fine with custom animation!

5. What's the best option to replace? Sonic or Amy?
> it depend what you have and what you want to do with Blaze:
- If you want to do Story Mode with Blaze, or you don't have Character Select Mod on you, then Blaze Replacing Sonic is the best Option
- If you don't care about Story Mode, and have Character Select Mod, and want to use 2 alt skin of Blaze, Blaze replacing Amy is the Best Option, Espescially for Multiplayer!

Final Note: Blaze can be Playable on FInal Story Mode as Burning Blaze, however i did not found the Sonic Rush Voices clip Yet, so i muted Sonic/Shadow Voice on Final for the moment

Special Thanks to Justin113D, Exant and Mainmemory to allow modders like me make this happen!

i also write my Todo List is for the Next Version of Blazy Mix
Cya Later and Enjoy!



Custom Voice Clip Between Sonic and Blaze for Final Story Level Cutscene Model (like before boss battle) Replace Sonic/Amy in 2P Menu High Priority Custom Upgrade
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  • Jordunk avatar
    Jordunk Joined 7d ago
    7d 1d
    Finally made an account to say how awesome this mod is, thanks. Fits in the game so well it's like it was meant to be. I especially like the re-worked physics and boost codes. The alternate outfit is just overkill!

    I do have 1 issue. I like playing SA2 in Japanese with the retranslated story mod. Something I noticed is the Blaze mod makes Amy's and Shadow's in-game voices revert to English even while selected as Japanese in settings. Shadow I don't mind as much, but I like playing as Amy... And her Japanese voice is way more tolerable than her English, lol... Is there any way to fix this? 

    (Definitely a privileged complaint, I'd just like to be able to keep Blaze installed 24/7 instead of removing her when I wanna play as Amy without getting a headache.)
    • Cheers x 1
    URL to post:
  • When I try to launch the mod manager, after I checked that Blazy Mix thing, it now shows up an error when I launch it, select or unselect a mod. "Unhandled exception has occurred in your application. If you click Continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue. If you click Quit, the application will close immediatley. There is an error in XML document (1, 1)." Please help me!
    URL to post:
  • pico.png avatar
    pico.png Joined 1y ago
    225 points Ranked 56,676th
    how can i remove the custom title screen?

    URL to post:
  • Dumb question, but instead of replacing Amy, is it possible to have Blaze replace mechless Eggman?

    I'm not sure if speed characters can be ported over those other characters or not.
    URL to post:
  • VoodooPizzaman avatar
    VoodooPizzaman Joined 5y ago
    596 points Ranked 45,104th
    This is awesome as hell, I've been waiting for people to make mods like this for SA2 ever since it came out on Steam in 2012. It would've been cool enough if it was just a skin mod but the added gameplay tweaks are heavily appreciated, great work man.
    • Cheers x 1
    how do I delete my account
    URL to post:
  • Blue Chicken avatar
    Blue Chicken Joined 4mo ago
    138 points Ranked 64,665th
    Is it possible to not have Sonic and Shadow be able to boost when using Blaze over Amy?
    URL to post:
  • Hi, Im enjoying this mod a ton but when i have the Silver mod on, His portrait disappears from the level select screen and is instead replaced with metal sonic again. Is there any way to fix this? tried looking into it and it started to blow my mind lol. Thanks! :)
    URL to post:
  • PKMNMasterSonic avatar
    PKMNMasterSonic Joined 4y ago
    118 points Ranked 67,869th
    Can you do a Blazy Mix for SADX to replace Amy on there too?
    URL to post:
  • stentus avatar
    stentus Joined 7mo ago
    262 points Ranked 54,352nd
    5 medals 1 legendary 1 rare
    • Returned 5000 times Medal icon
    • Returned 1000 times Medal icon
    • Returned 100 times Medal icon
    • One month a member Medal icon
    • 6 months a member Medal icon
    While this is certainly an excellent mod, I've been experiencing some problems; namely whenever I select the "Blaze over Amy instead of Sonic" option in the Codes List, Sonic still uses Blaze's model. I was wondering whether this was an issue with the mod or whether it had to do with other mods I've been using simultaneously. 
    URL to post:
  • Frost The Wolf avatar
    Frost The Wolf Joined 1y ago
    962 points Ranked 41,761st
    Is it possible to put Blaze over Shadow instead of Sonic or Amy?  I was wondering because there was a mod to accompany this I really wanted to make, which would basically be Rush and SA2's events mixed together.
    URL to post:


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