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Yatogami [Early-Access WIP]

A Skin Mod for Brawlhalla

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Yatogami the Delivery God
     “Your wish… has been heard loud and clear!”

By: Marana Himself
Replaces: Ojiisan Koji

Standalone Version for Patch 3.47.  Hi. I exist. If you want more mods like these I'm going to upload more skin mods exclusively to my modding discord if you wanna join, the link is down below. Spread the word so I don't lose motivation and start thinking I'm fighting for nothing lol

Planned Improvements:

Oh my god where do I start? 
I'm planning on really fixing some of Yato's visual...uh mishaps. (i.e the waist in some frames and the forearm away occasionally). I'm planning on adding more unique expressions as for now Yato doesn't have a dedicated "hit" expression. I'm also hoping to get Koji's Doodle Avatar to resemble Yato's Delivery God appearance. As well as having a dedicated roster icon and his own weapon skins, Yukine, Kazune and maybe Hiiro at one point. (Yes, Yato uses a Bow, read the Manga) On top of this at one point after I'm done with every single mod I was planning on publishing, I want to get a phantom sidekick for Yabuko and/or Nora as a Sidekick (yes Nora, and yes it'll work). Eventually, we'll get in some voice lines for Yato, think of how BakaByte made his sound mod but a patch and the standalone version released to exclusively give Yato voice lines to speak when his signatures play as well as character select. On top of all this, I'm hoping to also eventually get "Regalia" hit special effects up. Pay attention to Yato-gami vs Rabo-gami and how sparks fly out when Hiiro and Yukine clash against each other (the swords if you aren't a Yato-ite). I wanted to get something like that into Koji's signatures, replacing Ink-styled signatures (yes Koji's signatures are based on ink) into violent sparks of two regalias crashing each other. Aside from...all that foolish wishful thinking (that one day will become reality). 

I was hoping to make Yatogami a modular skin. You get to pick and choose how Yato looks, maybe you want a battle-worn version of Yatogami. Perhaps you'd like more a different set of Hair, maybe a hat (i.e like a beret). And lastly (oh my god this is long) I wanted to get some more skins for Yato. If I even can with technical difficulties getting in the way and everything. Some examples of skins I wanna eventually make...

Heaven Soldier Yato?
Royalty Yato
Yato-gami of Happiness
Genderbent Yato 
Yatogami Battle-Worn
Post-Ebisu Yatogami
Yatogami w/ Kazune 

For people who want more mods like these, join my discord server.


Dependencies and prerequisites required to use this Skin

  1. Ojiisan Koji



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