Goddess Hylia's Sailcloth Paraglider (Zelda GG)

A Skin Mod for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU)

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Goddess Hylia's Sailcloth Paraglider b3 (Zelda GG) 1mo
  • Addition beta 3 - introduced old mips fix + graphic packs integration
Goddess Hylia's Sailcloth Paraglider b2 (Zelda GG) 1mo Amendment
Beta Release! The HD Final Release is Coming Soon! (explained below)

Originally created in October of 2017 and being the 1st mod for Project Golden Goddess...

You've seen it for the past 2 years in the ZBOTW Modding Hub, my Twitch streams and in my Zelda Modder's Toolkit videos...

This is the 1st Official Release of the original BETA texture, shown in the Zelda BOTW Modding Hub back in Oct 2017.

Being a beta release, it is limited in features. It is the beta texture only and the main reason for it's release prior to the original intended release as a promo/teaser for Project Golden Goddess is due to another modder releasing a remake of my texture.

So I thought it was time that I officially released it myself!

Enjoy it and use it to represent the Goddess Hylia herself!

But again, this is the original beta. So expect a better HD version in the near future!

The next version release will be the full HD texture that will be found in Project Golden Goddess.

I will also release the HD final version as a stand alone download for you all to enjoy.

Special Thanks to MNM for the original design template collab!!

Thanks to Lital for being gracious enough to remove his re-creation of my collab design texture to make room on the GB site to publicly host this original version.


  • regnr8_beta_2_-_godddess_hylian_sai.rar 1mo insert_drive_file Goddess Hylia Sailcloth Paraglider (Project Golden Goddess 2017 beta)
  • regnr8_beta_3_-_godddess_hylian_sai.rar 1mo insert_drive_file Goddess Hylia Sailcloth Paraglider (Project Golden Goddess 2018 beta 3)


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Key Authors
General Concept Design from SS
Creator of Goddess Hylias Sailcloth Paraglider Texture
Jeremy King
Collaborator Special Thanks
Design Template Creator


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Jeremy King
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