Champion's Armor Set

A Skin Mod for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU)

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v2.0.1 9d
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Have you seen the Breath of the Wild 2 trailer? Have you wanted to have a feel for the game since then? Well if so, this mod if for you!

This mod for Breath of the Wild on WiiU adds a new set of armors created after what we've seen from the trailer of the sequel! It also includes a bonus armor piece called the Champion's Cap!

Here is what the mod contains:

  • The Champion's Armor, assembled with the remains of a Hylian Tunic and your Champion's Tunic. Make sure you don't wear it too much before your next adventure.
  • A Lowered Hylian Hood, to recreate the same hood from the BotW2 trailer!
  • Extra: The Champion's Cap, A cap made using threads created from guardian parts, it was made to match your Champion's Tunic. 

All of these can be crafted at the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab by talking to Cherry, the robot.

Alternative Versions:

Crafting Project Beta Extension:
Requires Crafting Project Beta Mod

Adds the items under Arrows/Misc at the Anvils. To install, drag and drop the contents over Crafting Project Beta.

Here are the credits for the mod:

DeathChaos - Modifying and Rigging new Hood Model 
MelonSpeedruns - Icons, Testing and Importing 
SkilarBabcock - Tunic and hat texture, Icon polishing, Item names and Descriptions 
Jenkins - Hylian tunic color matching, Item locations, Input item information 
Issuelink - Modding Assistance
Blaziken - creation of new hood model
WiseHorror - Standalone Base & Crafting Project Base

Hopefully you guys enjoy this new version of the mod! If you have suggestions or bugs to report, let us know in the comments!

Have fun, and don't forget: The calamity is watching!


  • 10d insert_drive_file Latest
  • 8d insert_drive_file Alternative - Crafting Project Extension | Requires Crafting Project Beta


check_box_outline_blank Replacer Version check_box_outline_blank "Glowy Arm Thingy"
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    Synthrix Joined 5mo ago
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  • Grin59 avatar
    Grin59 Joined 16d ago
    access_time 7d edit 7d
    So this mod is excellent so far. Thank you, it's really awesome although the lowered hood could use some flattening when you have a shield or another item on as the hood just sticks right through it. It's fine when you only have something like the master sword equiped, but it goes through a shield kinda, specifically the one I had on was the royal shield. Other than that I think the only thing that needs fixing is the, "great fairy has increased its level" blah blah description for all the champion armor items. Not needed especially if there isn't the text room.

    Another recommendation is ancient hylian trousers. I think some added brownish knee pads (maybe in a similar style to the shoulder pad in the hylian armor) with some shorter boots would make an excellent addition to the champions set. I think you need shorter boots though because there really isn't any room for knee pads as the trousers stand. Or maybe you could even make an extended boot that has kneepads attached to the top of the boots. That could work too. Although if you can make it happen that would be super cool to top off the complete set.

    So the armor is great, and the hat is amazingly done too, but I felt as if the trousers were missing their own modification to belong in the new set. Please consider making this as I suggested. 

    Thank you again though, and I'm not complaining just giving some constructive criticism. 
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  • Flaggpuss avatar
    Flaggpuss Joined 4mo ago
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    access_time 9d
    Very sweet! Hopefully someone will do an Linkle version as well.
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  • Will the updated Crafting Project version actually BE at Cherry this time? Cuz last time, you could craft it at any anvil around Hyrule.

    Which I didn't really have a problem with actually. I'm just curious.
    TF2 player
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  • Bork.jpg avatar
    Bork.jpg Joined 2mo ago
    412 points Ranked 46986th
    access_time 10d
    Crashes my game right away

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  • reap3rx avatar
    reap3rx Joined 3mo ago
    170 points Ranked 58103rd
    access_time 10d edit 10d
    Does this mod conflict with Hyrule Rebalance?

    Edit: Checked it out, too bad it does :( Looks cool though!
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  • Here is a full view of Link with his new clothes from jenkz:

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  • JDR704 avatar
    JDR704 Joined 3y ago
    161 points Ranked 58753rd
    access_time 16d
    So I can't use the replacer version if I've already fully upgraded my tunic?
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  • access_time 17d
    Can we get this for switch?
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  • Jorrfjalla avatar
    Jorrfjalla Joined 24d ago
    access_time 17d
    I love the look of the champion's tunic after I install this, the only problem is that it's incompatible with Complete Armor Overhaul due to the ActorInfo.product.sbyml overwriting each other and I have had no luck combining them, if you could help at all that would be massively appreciated :)
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DeathChaosV2 Joined 1mo ago
583 points Ranked 43993rd
Modifying and Rigging New Hood model
MelonSpeedruns Joined 2y ago
Icons, Testing and Importing, Hood recolors, Item Descriptions
Tunic and Cap Texture, Icon Polishing, Item Names
Jenkz Joined 1mo ago
Hylian Tunic Color Matching, Hood and Hat locations, Input Item Information, Adding items to Ancient Oven
Blaziken_ Joined 30d ago
Creation of Hood Model
Issuelink Joined 2y ago
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Modding Assistance
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Standalone Base & Crafting Project Base


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Taking break.
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