Simplified Rescue Ranger

A Skin Mod for Team Fortress 2

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Totally Tubular Update 17d
  • Addition Added version with full-length feed tube and slightly tweaked festivizer
Doing the full version was more of a headache than I thought it would be, but here it is! Comes with a slightly modified festivizer to account for the longer feed tube.

Aiming for v4 to be the more-or-less final release, with versions 3.1 and above being LoD updates and anything after 4 being minor tweaks or fixes if necessary.
The Short-Barreled Update 22d Addition Amendment
Removes the gadgetry from the Rescue Ranger and reimplements the missing geometry from the barrel. Also adds an exponent texture and a simple normal map (both could be improved, but I'm looking for feedback to see how, exactly). Also makes the ejection port move with the pump.

Not compatible with old RR reskins, but does work with war paints. I removed the team-colored skin support for the default textures as no parts that are still visible use team colors, and any existing team-colored reskins would look awful due to the AO being redone and all that jazz. To make them look not-awful together, reskins would need to use the same AO bake. (That said, if you're looking to make one I can provide the files if asked).

Doesn't have LoDs that aren't simple bonemerges at the moment, though in the future I plan to correct that along with adding a version with a shortened barrel and one with a longer feed tube (both are done).

Notice: in the VPK there is a modified model for the Rescue Ranger screen to make it completely invisible without using $no_draw. Keep this in mind if you end up extracting the VPK's contents. An unforeseen consequence of adding the normal map means that war paints with phong masks in their alpha channels no longer use them.


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    Hello. I was just browsing the website when I found this mod. I saw the render and I thought "That's a nice model, but the lighting is kinda messy. Maybe it's just the render tool he used." But then, I saw the screenshots. Again, the model was looking pretty good, but that lighting just looks messy. So I decided to install the mod and made a quick edit of the lighting. After editing the lighting, I booted up TF2 and I was surprised by how much detail the model had that went under the rug with the lighting included with the mod. So I decided to show you what I did to the lighting. Here's a screenshot:

    If you want to use this fix in an upcoming update, feel free to do so. Just credit me.
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    south pole bird
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    I'm just... going to make this replace the stock shotgun
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    your momma in a box
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  • Anonymous
    Might want to use PNG or JPEG screenshots, WEBP isn't working right in some browsers.
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DrSquish Joined 4y ago
New model geometry, normal map, new AO, modified wearblend texture
Original Authors
Original RR author on Steam
Jungle Inferno albedo map


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DrSquish Joined 4y ago
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