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Version 2019.05.17 2d
  • Amendment Comet Bow: Effect now disappears if Flandre is hit before leaving the ground.
  • Amendment Straight Flush: Effect now disappears if Flandre is hit before leaving the ground.
  • BugFix Secret Barrage "And Then Will There Be None?": Fixed power gains with finisher version.
  • BugFix Secret Barrage "And Then Will There Be None?": Fixed issue where Flandre would enter the finisher animation despite the opponent surviving the attack.

Flandre updated. Playtesting against _Data_Drain_ showed off some unintentional stuff that's now been fixed.

Whoa hey, so I decided to edit RicePigeon's Flandre. The idea to rework her moveset dates back to early February, but it took a while to plan everything out and subsequently edit it all in, plus a month or so of beta testing and such; also remember to factor in my innate ability to procrastinate like nobody's business.

I'll be brutally honest, while at first I was OK with Flan's moveset, I gradually grew to dislike it over time because to me it just feels like an amalgamation of two completely different characters whose movesets don't really work well together at all, much less on a character who was stated to have unrelenting rushdown and close-range pressure. In short, I found her boring and incredibly linear; that is of course my opinion, so don't take that as fact.

That's enough of me being unnecessarily mean, so here's the changelog:

- [System] Adjustments to common state animations and hurtboxes.
- [System] Updated outdated Recovery frame flags to current standards.
- [System] Updated outdated Hitdef triggers to current standards.
- [System] Groundbounces & Wallbounces no longer allow opponents to quick getup upon landing.
- [System] Fixed timing issues with groundbounce angledraw and offset.
- [System] Corrected back hop/air dash landing times (11f->8f).
- [System] Adjusted how the character handles landing sounds in certain basic states.
- [System] Air dashes now have a height restriction when ascending.
- Sprite file has been rebuilt and reorganised, removing unused sprites and palette indexes.
- Adjustments to sprite aligment.
- Sprites have been colour separated.
- Now has 30 palettes in total.
- Victory quotes have been redone.
- Fixed visual issue where the tech recovery explod was being affected by palfx.
- Fixed IKEMEN exclusive visual issue where the Dash/Guard Cancel Counter/Spellcard effect helpers would incorrectly generate a shadow.
- Ground Backward Dash: Cancel window reverted.
- 5z: Fixed bug where proration wasn't applied properly.
- 2y: Fixed visual bug with effect during hitstun.
- 3y: No longer loses overhead properties when chained into.
- j.5x: Fixed visual bug with effect during hitstun.
- j.5y: Fixed visual bug with effect during hitstun.
- j.5z: Replaced with a new move. Old input remapped to j.2z.
- j.2z: Groundbounce counterhit proration multiplier decreased (85%->90%).
- Throw: Normal proration decreased (85%->90%).
- Throw: Can now be used in midair.
- Starbow Break: Removed. Replaced with Comet Bow.
- Catadioptric: Removed. Replaced with Straight Flush.
- Destroyer Claw: Reworked. Now features full startup invulnerability, with the version instead determining the inv duration.
- New Special: Destruction Arrow ([B],F + x/y/z in the air).
- Royal Flush: Command changed to [F],B + x/y/z.
- Royal Flush: All versions now prorate to 80% if all hits connect, damage values adjusted to compensate.
- Royal Flush: Hitboxes and hitvels adjusted to allow each hit to more reliably connect against airborne opponents.
- Guard Cancel Counter: No longer gains counterhit bonuses.
- Taboo "Laevatein": Completely redone.
- Taboo "Four of a Kind": Removed. Replaced with Forbidden Barrage "Starbow Break".
- Taboo "Weapon of Mass Destruction": Damage decreased (45*49xN->40xN).
- Taboo "Weapon of Mass Destruction": Power gains adjusted.
- Taboo "Weapon of Mass Destruction": Explosion now hits fullscreen.
- Secret Barrage "And Then Will There Be None?": Is no longer a one-hit KO, various attributes adjusted to compensate.
- Secret Barrage "And Then Will There Be None?": Usage restrictions removed.
- Secret Barrage "And Then Will There Be None?": Fixed visual bug where reflections would still be drawn during cinematic.

Wew lad. 

The original version can be found here.


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