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A Skin Mod for Lethal League Blaze


V2.2 4mo
  • Addition Added "silhouette" texture; I'm pretty sure this is used for one or two of the power-ups in-game?
  • Overhaul Added a glow to the bone & removed it from the outline mesh; It can be colored from the texture file as well.
  • Adjustment Bone color changed slightly to accomdate above change.
  • BugFix Updated text files to work with V1.17.
  • Removal Removed character symbol for now, as the file for the character symbols has been moved to Dust & Ashes' character folder for some reason?
Aside from the bone changes, this is mostly just a patch to fix some things that broke with the new DLC outfit update for Raptor. Obviously, this doesn't change anything on that outfit, but the voice files will still persist on the DLC outfit! Please keep that in mind if you decide to use the voice files.

Also, I didn't want to remove the character symbol-art for this mod, but I kind of have to since the file for said symbols was moved to Dust & Ashes' character-specific assets file for some reason? I imagine it's a mistake, but I don't want to make it so that people can't use skins/mods for Dust & Ashes, so I elected to leave it out for now until the file gets moved back to where it was, or they decide to put the character symbols individually for each character.

And before I forget, for those of you who created texture mods for this model, I would highly suggest updating your mods to work with this update! The skins will still work perfectly fine, but the glow on the bone will simply be white, since I added the swatch for it right below the bone color. I've put the updated textures on the dropbox link already, so feel free to grab them from there or simply add another box under the bone's color to color it instead!

(P.S. I left the old version of this mod with the not-glowing bone available for download, but I will not be updating it from this point on; Keep that in mind.)
V2.1 7mo Tweak3 Removal Shadow Surge Compatibility 7mo Adjustment Addition V2 11mo BugFix Improvement Removal Addition2 Overhaul Adjustment

The Aura Pokémon

Replaces Raptor's main costume & (most of) his related files with Lucario.

Sometime after the Mario mod for Raptor was made, I asked Beatz how they went about creating it, as well as to give me some pointers on his process to get it working in addition to what was already known/given to us by Nilsuke. I began work on this as early as late December of last year, before model importing was barely possible.

Even after receiving official max scenes for modders to work with, I still had many failed attempts on this & had given up several times due to errors; After giving it one more shot, I finally got it (mostly) how I wanted with minimal errors.

So, I can finally present this to the public & let everyone who was waiting for it enjoy it. Enjoy!

(Video preview courtesy of Mr.J)

Also, the textures are styled very similarly to the game's other textures; That means making your own palettes for this mod are very easy to do & you can feel free to do so! I've provided the textures here: Dropbox


  • 4mo insert_drive_file Current Version
  • 7mo insert_drive_file Old version without bone change; WILL NO LONGER BE UPDATED!
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    Fantastic Mod!
    Have you any way to release unpatched files so someone could use it for Raptor's Alt (Ballhead) instead of his main model?

    It's All Coming Up Birdie!
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    Per me sei un mito hai aggiunto uno dei miei pokemon preferiti in uno dei miei giochi preferiti *-* 
    Spero tanto che prima o poi lavorerai su altre skin anche per altri personaggi ..
    Non aspetto altro <3
    Solo una cosa ... Grazie
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    Sonic Battle Hackers
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    Have you considered making the bone blue like in Pokken and the anime?
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Key Authors
Jon-Nobo Joined 5y ago
Model edits, Textures, Rigging
Original Authors
Game Freak
Game Freak Joined 12y ago
Original Model
Voice Clips
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