Old Revolver and Pistol Reload Animations

A Skin Mod for Team Fortress 2 Classic

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Engineer pistol reload animation 7d
  • Addition Added the old pistol reload animation for Engineer from older versions of TF2C
After decompiling the model and testing it, I saw a bug where the casings come out of the muzzle instead of the ejection port. I still couldn't find what might be causing this or a way to fix this issue, so if you happen to know how to fix the bug or if you fixed it, lemme know! 

The modding community for TF2C might be dormant, but developement isn't!

Now don't get me wrong, I kinda like the revolver and pistol reload in TF2C but I miss the one in older versions of TF2C that uses the reload animation based off the old ones from the original TF2, that animation felt alot more nostalgic to me.

So yeah, this'll restore the good ol' screenblocking reload animation for the revolver and Engie's pistol with Spy/Engineer smacking on their face like a dumbass when reloading.



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105th Inc.
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Decompiled and edited the model's animations
Original Authors
Enonima Game Studios
Made Team Fortress 2 Classic
Valve Corporation
Made America's #1 war-themed hat simulator, Team Fortress 2


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105th Inc. Flag Affiliation: 105th Inc.
838 points Ranked 41583rd
Panzermann11 105th Inc. Flag
105th Inc.

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Development Info

When I was faffing around trying to make a mod that restores the old 2007 anims, I decompiled the first-person revolver model in the TF2C files and saw an unused animation. By looking at the name, I saw that the unused animation is a backup of the old revolver reload animation used in the 2007 version of Team Fortress 2 and older versions of TF2C. I decided to replace the reload animation with the unused one and recompiled the model. Same goes for Engie's pistol.


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If you wanna use my mods and/or stuff for something, please ask me for permission or at least give me credit, kthx.




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