The Airy chronicles {A wondrous tale}

A Skin Mod for The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

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Dinairy has arrived~! 22d
  • Addition I added the new dinairy skin which ofcourse is based off of din, hero curom weapons are created by temperedcreator, i just swapped some files. i added a shield and no shield version, naturally. the bangs are not perfect but its the best i could jimmyrig, looks well enough to me.I probably will not do color maskes because i did her texture by editing her uv and i dont really wanna track down all her body parts but we promises and yes i know her neck ring stretched in some weird ways sometimes, but i dunno how to fix it. but me personally dont think its that serious of an issue to need addressing.
linkette HOTFIX 28d Linkette is here~! 29d hero charm and shield fix 29d Nairu is here~! gaze upon her beauty~! 1mo


  • 29d fixed hero charm issue, as well as the no shield for reflect shield issue
  • 29d fixed the hero charm issue and the no shield issues
  • 29d UV nairu not compatible with color selection in randomizer. normal nairu is
  • 28d fixed an issue with causal hair
  • 22d added sound files


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Key Authors
Chloesauce Joined 2mo ago
modeler, and mesher togetherer edited into custom texture.
Original Authors
InTheBeef (@InTheBeef)
Rigged and imported Saria. which is where i got the base models for airy's eyes
Praecipua (@PraecipuaWW)
Imported voices for Medli. which is the voice files i used for airy.
Ikey Ilex
Modeled, rigged and imported Poor Mila. which was airy's base model i used to create her.
Gamma/Sage of Mirrors (@SageOfMirrors)
rigged and imported tetra. which is where i got airy's base mouth files from.
KromosRuby (DeviantArt)
Modeled Saria
Modeler, Textures, of the shield in the accordion version
create/modeled dinairys custom weapons, credit goes to him. i only swapped some files.


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