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Alternative Hair and Eye Colors for Linkle

A Skin Mod for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU)


Version 5 9mo
  • Addition Added BCML support
  • Addition Made compatible with DLC Wave 6
  • Addition Made compatible with the new Dark Linkle outfit
  • Amendment Updated readme and improved the install instructions
  • Tweak made changes to the graphic pack rules file.
  • BugFix Fixed a few texture issues
  • BugFix Updated the version of sideburns removal mod fixing multiple issues
Version 4 1y Addition BugFix3 Version 3 1y Overhaul Addition BugFix4 Version 2 1y Addition2 BugFix
This is a texture mod for lynard killer 's Linkle mod which currently has 11 alternative hair colours to pick from as well as 5 eye colours.  The mod has been updated to work with the new version of the linkle mod, but if you have not update you just need to copy the eye color files from the old linkle folder which is located in each of the hair mod packs.

If you are installing the normal graphic pack version of this mod, you need to install a hair color as well as an eye color along with any other options you want.  If you don't install an eye colour Linkle will have blond hair on some outfits. For instructions on how to install there is a Readme included in the download.  Included in each download is the files for both the hair colour mods as well as all 5 eye colors.  I have also added an option that removes the sideburns for some pieces of headgear such as the Ruby Circlet.  If anyone has any ideas for colors that should be added PM me or leave a comment. 
The BNP downloads only contain the eye colour option with the sideburns removal mod installed by default.  To keep BNP file easy to use a eye colour will already be picked but the other eye colours will be available in the graphic pack folder if you want to change to a different eye colour.  The eye colour that will be used will be based on what I think looks best for that hair colour.  Institutors on how to change the hair colour are located in the graphic pack which can be found by going to BCML, clicking on the mod and then clicking the Explore... button.  If you have not updated to the new version of the linkle mod then you need to use the regular zip files, and not the BNP version.

Due to a file limit multiple colours had to be combined into a single zip folder.  The BNP versions are not affected, only the old graphic pack versions had to be combined. 

To fix issues with some of the hair colors gliching you may need to turn up the LOD Bias in the graphics pack settings.
Note, screenshots include pictures using the new linkle and old linkle mod versions. 
Currently colours included are:
Grey hair
Blue hair
Red hair
Brown hair
Orange hair
Blond hair  (Based on the links blond hair)
Green hair
Light pink hair
Dark pink hair
Black hair
White Hair
Blue eyes
Green eyes
Purple eyes
Red eyes
Brown eyes
Yellow eyes


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  • cheet0 avatar
    cheet0 Joined 1mo ago
    access_time 1mo
    hiya, just downloaded your black hair mod, combined it with red eyes and the only things not working are cap of time and dark linkle hood-  still showing as blonde
    amazing mod otherwise :)
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  • Pslyse_ avatar
    Pslyse_ Joined 4y ago
    139 points Ranked 63994th
    access_time 2mo
    Any chance you could add yellow eyes?
    URL to post:
  • Shiea avatar
    Shiea Joined 3mo ago
    access_time 2mo
    Using the White Hair bcml and it seems that the Stealth Mask and the Cap of time (i'm still early in the game so there might be more) don't change colour and stay blonde, but other than that a fantastic mod!
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  • pokenab avatar
    pokenab Joined 6y ago
    258 points Ranked 54077th
    access_time 3mo
    how do i choose the eye collor with bcml?
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  • markjvp avatar
    markjvp Joined 5mo ago
    201 points Ranked 57932nd
    access_time 3mo
    just found out which thing makes the hair be different its the barbarian helm so if anyone doesn't know how to get linkle's hair to be different colors beget the helm its at the akkala labyrinth 
    URL to post:
  • markjvp avatar
    markjvp Joined 5mo ago
    201 points Ranked 57932nd
    access_time 3mo
    how is there short hair on some of those? (the ones that's not just one color)
    URL to post:
  • access_time 3mo edit 3mo
    Hi hun!  I just installed your hair color mod.  I'm super excited!!  Eye color change and hair color worked!!  The only two hats that didn't transfer the new hair color over was the Stealth bun and DLC hat Cap of Time.  Still base color blonde.  Any ideas of what I can try? I use Bcml if that helps anything...
    URL to post:
  • markjvp avatar
    markjvp Joined 5mo ago
    201 points Ranked 57932nd
    access_time 3mo edit 3mo
    please label all of them if you can especially the hair thats not just one color also how is her hair short on some of those?
    URL to post:
  • Ace101 avatar
    Ace101 Joined 4mo ago
    access_time 4mo edit 4mo
    Great mod! Only problem I had was the sapphire and diamond circlets have link's original hair color overlapping with the new one, at least for the dark brown hairstyle. Thanks for the hard work!
    Edit: It seems like any hairstyle with link's default haircut has an overlapping issue. So the circlets look a bit funky.
    URL to post:
  • access_time 6mo
    This mod seems to overlay the white hair texture over the normal hair texture on the Diamond and Sapphire Circlets, so that they are clipping through each other. All other hair styles I tested seemed to do fine. 
    URL to post:


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Key Authors
Texture Editing
Original Authors
lynard killer
Creator of the Linkle Mod


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Development Info

Known Bugs:

Barbarian armor hair may not have correct textures. (Please report if you notice a problem, I did my best to check for errors, but their may be minor problems when you dye the hair.)

Zora Set helmet may have issues.  (Please report if you notice a problem. This armor should be good, but errors may exist in the textures for the dyed colors.

There is an issue with the stealth armor and some of the jewelry that can be fixed by turning up the LOD bias.  I have spent hours trying to find a fix, but it appears to be a weird glitch that only exists in the newest version of the linkle mod.


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