_Kyle's Sniper FPS Reanimation Pack V1.1

A Skin Mod for Team Fortress 2

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  • Addition Added Compatibility with Newguy111's Realistic Bolt Overhaul
  • Improvement Improved Melee Swing animations slightly

Please view the readme file in the download folder for instructions on how to get the Bolt Overhaul working

Version 1.1 24d

A full reanimation of the Sniper's arsenal for TF2.

New update V1.1 is out which adds compatibility with Newguy111's incredible Realistic Bolt Overhaul 

Link to the mod here https://gamebanana.com/skins/165931

And a video showing the animations working with the mod

This is my first major animation project done with Blender instead of SFM. The pack comes in 2 variants with different Sniper Rifle firing animations. 


Many of the Sniper Rifle unlocks clip through the hands (e.g The Classic, The AWPer Hand) this is a modelling issue that cant be fixed on sv_pure 1 servers.

Minor clipping issues with Jarate and Self Aware Beauty Mark (SABM), i'll try to get these fixed at some point.

After throwing the SABM the Idle animation will play (Also happens with Scout's Cleaver) this was a bug introduced in Jungle Inferno I believe and can only be fixed by Valve.

After Firing the Huntsman and quickly switching to and from a weapon will cause a slight jitter, not sure how to fix that.

Clipping Issues with the Prinny Machete, this is due to a bad weapon bone origin, attempting to fix it might cause clipping issues with other All-Class melees.

If for any reason Newguy111 doesn't want my animations to be compatible with his mod then I will revert the sniper rifle animations back to the V1 state.

Please let me know what you think and what needs improving, and most importantly, have fun!


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  • Wortzenhein avatar
    Wortzenhein Joined 3y ago
    398 points Ranked 46960th
    I love these sniper animations. They just feel so nice to me. I would love to see medic made next possibly :3
    The Sergal
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  • so i downloaded your mod and i dont understand the INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS i want bolt pullback but i have a mac so how am i suppose to get it to work
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  • Sensuka avatar
    Sensuka Joined 2y ago
    440 points Ranked 46065th
    Everytime i followed pull back and newguy's bolt pack on your animations. Works fine but everytime the bolt pulls back. I see a shadow texture on that. Can i get an answer how do i fix it?
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  • I'm having some trouble having the mod work with the Newguy111's mod. I've read and followed the install instructions like so. I've installed GCFScape from the link you provided, I've extracted the models folder, I've deleted the file the instructions told me to delete, I've made a new folder and re-named it to "Sniper Bolt Pack' and put the models in the said new folder, I've moved the folder to tf2's custom folder, and finally I've installed your mod as normal and picked a VPK (BTW what's the difference between the Bolt pullback version and the regular one?). (I also re-did this process like 4 times). So then I launched up Tf2 and went to map itemtest. And Here's the problem, Newguy111's mod works but your's doesn't. I'm kinda confused on why this is just happening to me, but it might just be me and hopefully, that means that you can point out what I'm doing wrong. - Snoot Booper
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  • Improved Melee Swing animations slightly 

    what did you do ?
    • Agree x 1
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  • Your animations are just great. Keep it up
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  • Thanks a lot man
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  • Snowy1701 avatar
    Snowy1701 Joined 4y ago
    105th Inc. Flag Affiliation: 105th Inc.
    542 points Ranked 44378th
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    Snowy1701 105th Inc. Flag
    105th Inc.
    Hope this isin't to much of a bother, but do you think you can flip the huntsmen arms? I make viewmodels and it bugs me and probably others since its flipped. Just a small request, overall I love your animations and all the bits that move n' stuff.
    Viewmodels are Everything
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  • Thank god you added a pullback version.

    I like TF2 and that's all. avatar
    I like TF2 and that's all.
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  • next do engi please ;-;
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