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Break out the paint...

I got bored and decided to mess around in Fighter Factory Studio and created this pack of alternate palettes to use though if you want to spoil yourself on what palettes I have feel free to check the list below.

What is referenced (listed in order of how the filenames will be listed in alphabetical order):
The mirror world counter part to Grand Dad  (File Name: 8GrandMa.act)
The final fan game thing from Unlimited Trees (File Name: AmongTheOthers.act)
Amy Rose in Sonic 1 (File Name: Amy1MD.act)
Amy Rose in Sonic 2 (File Name: Amy2MD.act)
After The Sequel (File Name: ATS.act)
Knuckles Chaotix Style (File Name: Chaotix.act)
Sonic 2 HD based (File Name: ClassicSonic.act)
Color Separation edit style (File Name: ColorSeperation.act)
Coppermine from The Battle Cats (File Name: Coppermine.act)
Sega Sonic Cosmo Fighter (File Name: CosmoFighter.act)
Sonic Adventure 7 (File Name: GameboyBlue.act)
Game Boy's Green Screen (File Name: GameboyGreen.act)
Sonic 6 for Game Boy (File Name: GameboyGrey.act)
A tribute to the Pink Sonic Trend on Twitter and Tumblr (File Name: GameboyPink.act)
Sonic Adventure 8 (File Name: GameboyRed.act)
Sonic Jam for the Game.Com (File Name: GameCom.act)
How Greg Martian colored Sonic (File Name: GregMartain.act)
Kris from Deltarune (File Name: Kris.act)
Mighty from Sonic Mania Plus (File Name: Mighty.act)
Monika from Doki Doki Literature Club (File Name: Monika.act)
Sonic Pocket Adventure (File Name: PocketAdventure.act)
some rom hack I found on google (File Name: Revved.act)
Sega Sonic Popcorn Shop (File Name: SegaSonicPopcornShop.act)
The opening to The Wizard And The Oz (File Name: Sepia.act)
The reveal poster from the up coming dumpster fire movie about Sonic (File Name: ShittySonicMovie.act)
Super Mario Bros. 1 (File Name: SMB1.act)
Sonic Triple Trouble (File Name: Sonic&Tails2.act)
A palette glitch from Launch Base Zone in Sonic 3 (File Name: Sonic.EXE.act)
Sonic Genesis for the GBA (File Name: Sonic1GBA.act)
Sonic 1 for the Mega Drive/Sega Genesis (File Name: Sonic1MD.act)
Sonic 1 for the Master System (File Name: Sonic1SMS.act)
Sonic 2 LD for the Master System (File Name: Sonic2LD.act)
Sonic 2 for the Mega Drive/Sega Genesis (File Name: Sonic2MD.act)
Sonic 2 for the Master System (File Name: Sonic2SMS.act)
Sonic 3 & Amy Rose (File Name: Sonic3&AmyRose.act)
Sonic 3 & Knuckles (File Name: Sonic3&Knuckles.act)
Sonic 3D Blast: Flickies Island (File Name: Sonic3DBlast.act)
Sonic 3D Blast 5 for the Famicom (File Name: Sonic3DBlast5.act)
Sonic 4 Episode 1 (File Name: Sonic4EpisodeI.act)
Sonic 4 for SNES (File Name: Sonic4SNES.act)
Sonic Attack for the Amiga (File Name: SonicAttack.act)
Sonic Blast for the Game Gear (File Name: SonicBlast.act)
Sonic Chaos for the Game Gear and Master System (File Name: SonicChaos.act)
Sonic Crackers (File Name: SonicCrackers.act)
Sonic Epoch Advanced (File Name: SonicEpoch.act)
Sonic Eraser (File Name: SonicEraser.act)
When Sonic has the Super Mushroom in Sonic Jam 6 (File Name: SonicJam6big.act)
When Sonic is small in Sonic Jam 6 (File Name: SonicJam6smol.act)
Sonic Mania Plus (File Name: SonicMania.act)
Sonic's Edusoft (File Name: Sonic's Edusoft.act)
The monochrome copy you fight as a mirror match in Sonic The Fighters (File Name: SonicTheFightersP2.act)
Sonic Unleashed for Mobile (File Name: SonicUnleashed.act)
Sonic Robo Blast 2 (File Name: SRB2.act)
Sonic NES Improvement (File Name: STHNES.act)
Player 1(?)'s color in Super Mario & Sonik 2 for Famicom (File Name: SuperMario&Sonik2P1.act)
Player 2(?)'s color in Super Mario & Sonik 2 for Famicom (File Name: SuperMario&Sonik2P2.act)
EmRuHire (File Name: WorldHeroes2P1.act)
Player 2's Colors in World Heroes 2 for Famicom (File Name: WorldHeroes2P2.act)

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Creating this palette pack
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Making this Sonic
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